Taking Account of the LEO Privacy Guard 

The locking mechanism is an interesting innovation. It assists in matters of customization of the locking system and one has array of applications in possession and these happen under different situations. This guard is the best to help in matters of providing private security scanning. There is no doubt regarding the speed and the safeness of the application. With the single click scanning of the private status is made possible. The technology will make you know about the fault and this you can rectify in time. This is a tight technology and helps in keeping data in place and thus there is no leaking of the secret data.

The Details of the Application 

Here you have the Review LEO Privacy Guard and once you go through the same you can be sure of the application. There is the provision of smart scanning and this makes it easy for you to analyse the newly introduced photographs and one can even have the analysis of the videos. There are the mentioned steps and following the same you can easily hide all the secret data in time. In fact, you can say that the sage guard application is a perfect solution to help all secret stay in place without being interrupted.

Lock and Hide at the Same Time 

The privacy guard is the kind of safe box. It can help to hide and lock things in the best possible way. There is the private vault and one can use this space for the storage of all essential and secret data. If you really want to keep things secret you can conveniently use the guarding mechanism. You can call the same as the safest solution and with the same you can receive the perfect guarding of the device all the time. Now, you can hoard the most important things in complete style.

Things Provided with Perfection

You can make the most of the feature of the scanning of the provision of Wi-Fi security. One can even call the same as the network protector. This is the provision to stay connected with the Wi-Fi mechanism and this way you are updated regarding the online whereabouts. The guard will also give warning before time concerning the Wi-Fi hotspots and these are specifically the public free Wi-Fi and you have the guard to take care of your from all aspects.

Nothing can be stolen

You have the privacy guard accompanied by the anti-theft feature. Now, if things get lost you can get them back within the time frame. You get an idea regarding the same once you read the Review LEO Privacy Guard. If you are not the legitimate owner of the phone you will not be able to unlock the device without providing with the right password. You have the means by which the speed of the phone can get heightened. This way you can make empty the cache and the junk. If you feel you can even sit to reset the password of the privacy guard. This is sure to help you with extra security and safeness.

Things you should check before buying property

Given the population in our country and the land available, every piece of property seems precious. Even if that wasn’t the case, property is important, even if you buy it just as an investment or to move into it immediately. There are a couple of things that you must absolutely consider before signing the papers or the agreement. You wouldn’t want to buy a place and then wonder if you made the correct decision. You can refer to this checklist before you buy any property, and it could be a villa or a simple 2 bhk flat in Bangalore.

Things you should check before buying property

  • Loan

Although that’s not the first thought that you come across when you are hunting for houses, it is something you should begin considering. Banks these days offer quick loans, but you may have to find out what part of the total cost can be loaned from the bank and then make arrangements for the remaining. It is important to first think about this in order to arrive at a budget and then accordingly look for houses. Make sure you keep in mind the expenses that will follow for renovating or installing furniture in the house.

  • Need and Want

Make a checklist of all the things you are looking for. If you have older parent, you might want a place on the ground floor or a building with a garden and a walking track. For kids you’ll need to have a school close by. Make a list of all these things and you could categorize them as things you need and things you would want. You could also arrange them in order of priority so that you know what you can compromise on and what is utterly non-negotiable.

  • Area

When you are buying a flat, it can often get confusing between the carpet area, the built-up and the super built-up. You need to understand all these are concepts and then pick a flat accordingly. The builders usually quote a super-built up which also includes a proportionate area of the lobby, lift and other common areas. However, the area that is actually available for your use is much lesser. Make sure you do the math before buying it.

  • Future

Most cities are developing and expanding at a fast rate. Consider the future prospects of the location that you are planning to buy a house in. This could also mean that you can buy a place in an area that is still developing and keep it as an investment that could pay off in a couple of years. Buying property in a prime location will always cost more.

  • Legal aspects

Although a little lower on the list, this is one of the most important factors, especially when you are buying property in a new construction. Make sure you check the builder’s records and ask for the approval papers, or check with the local government regarding the approved building plan.

Nurture yourself, Coz you are special

We always tend to compare ourselves with others. Be it in academics, hobbies, passions, dreams, friends, clothing & most importantly our physical appearance. When was the last time you though, I wish I had skin like her, I wish I had a figure like her, I wish I had beautiful eyes like her, I wish I had such a great smile like her, I wish I had such a slender nose like her & list goes on, it is never ending. This is especially true for girls. Have you realised you always want to be like your favourite actress in bollywood or hollywood or like your fav rock band singer or like one of your friends whom you think is more beautiful than you. We have always wanted to be like someone else all our lifetime. Have you ever realized your own beauty, how beautiful are you? We need to ask ourselves this question & seek our own answers. When the almighty created you with so much love, how can you be lacking anything at all? God definitely created you thinking the best for you, that is how he wanted you to look to the whole world, you are his ultimate craftsmanship carved with so much love, care & grace. We tend to forget this every time & keep cribbing about how God made us, keep complaining to him all the time about our physical appearance.

The most trivial aspect of discussion & belief in India is that fair girls are beautiful & unknowingly people give more respect & regard the fairer girls more than the ones who are wheatish or have a dusky & dark complexion. There is so much discrimination still in our society with respect to the colour of our skin. Though perceptions have evolved beyond looks, they still exist.

Now it completely depends on us on how we value & regard ourselves. Do we look down upon ourselves because of the way we look? Do we depend on the opinions given by others which keep changing every minute? Our we basing our life on comments given by others? Do other validate your beauty & confidence? Women today really need to ponder on these questions. We need to realize that each of us our beautiful in our own way, we are unique in our own way. The question is are we aware of our own beauty, which lies in our self-belief, confidence & smile. That is what makes us charming.

And of course once we have reverence for ourselves, we should pamper & nurture our body & skin. Each of us our special in our own way & we should indulge in pampering our skin & nourishing our body periodically. So if you are looking for the best spas in Mumbai, best salons in Mumbai, best beauty parlours in Mumbai, all you need to do is tap in the HouseJoy app! Or if you are running out of time & need a quick beauty rejuvenation session, you can avail the beauty services at home Mumbai from the Housejoy app. Also available are the electrician services in Mumbai at just a click.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Review- High end smartphone with triple camera and good battery.


                 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd is the largest multinational networking and services company in the telecommunications industry. This MNC has its headquarters in China. One of the ventures of this company was the smartphone category. It has two series of phones namely, Ascend and Honor to its credit. The Huawei Honor series Smartphones boosted their company to a greater extent in the global market. The Huawei Honor 6 Plus reviews among the customers is trending. It has become one of the most recommended phones in the price range above INR 25k. A very highlighting feature of this phone is the experimentation with three cameras (two rear and one front). Claims are that they can capture pictures at the quality of a DSLR. So, let us see in more detail about this popular smart phone.



Huawei Honor 6 Plus (also called 6x) was initially released around December 2014. But, it was launched in India on 24 March 2015. At the time of launch the price of Huawei Honor 6 Plus in India is INR 26,499/-.


                        Statistics have shown that for around 5 months from the date of launch this phone has been selling at the launch price of INR 26,499/-. But, during mid July, 2015 there was price drop of around 2k within a week. So, around two weeks in mid July the phone was sold at INR 24,499/-. Towards the end of the same month though, the price was restored to its launch price. Since then until Christmas (Dec 25th) it has remained so. On 25th December 2015 it was priced at INR 25,216/-. Now, it is back to its launch price.


                    Huawei Honor 6 Plus comes with a glass rear. This gives the phone a look similar to the iPhone but with a much bigger size. The side edges run along with metal strips and the corners are rounded. The rear has the brand name embedded in the center. The phone looks quite slim and stylish with a thickness of only 7.50mm. This phone belongs to the heavier side of smart phones as it weighs a good 165g. The overall frame dimensions of the phone are 150.46 x 75.68 mm. This smartphone comes in two colours, black and white.



                This phone comes with a 5.5 inch, full HD display. The display gives a deeper and good contrast viewing experience. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels with a pixel density of 400 ppi. The technology used for this screen is IPS LCD Capacitive display clubbed with AMOLED finish quality. The colour depth is around 24 – bit, 16.7 M colours. The touch type is multi touch supported by Emotion UI 3.0 interface.


                      Huawei Honor 6 Plus’s most criticised feature is its outdated OS. This functions on the Android v4.2 KitKat OS. Now, though the company is planning to arrange upgradation to v6.0 Marshmallow. The chipset used is HiSilicon Kirin 925 which is truly unique to this manufacturing company. The central processing is done by Quad – core Cortex  – A15 processor. It functions at a speed of 1.8 GHz. The graphics interface used is Mali – T628 MP4.


                       Huawei Honor 6 Plus comes with an internal memory of 16GB. The LTE model though has two variations(16/32 GB). This is pretty much enough for any user. But, in cases where more memory is required there is a card slot too. This is the second sim slot and can hold a microSD card upto 128GB. The RAM is around 3 GB. This is a good speed.


                      The battery used here is a non – removable  Lithium – Polymer battery. It has a capacity of 3600 mAh. The average time it takes to charge completely from minimum charge state is 2 hrs. The stand by time it can withstand is 469 hrs. It has a talk time of around 780 hrs. Media usage like music and video playback time is around 58.8 hrs and 13.3 hrs respectively. Online use can make it withstand upto 8.5 to 9.8 hrs.


                Camera: This has three cameras against the general two cameras that every other smartphone currently has. There are two rear cameras and one front camera. Both the rear cameras are of 8MP clarity. They each have autofocus and LED flash features. The secondary camera also has 8 MP clarity. To enhance the pictures Geo- tagging, face detection and HDR features are present. They capture pictures with a resolution of 4160 x 3120 pixels. The aperture of the lenses is f/2.0.


                Audio: The digital audio standards compatible with this phone are AAC, AAC+, AMR, APE, FLAC, MIDI, MP3 and WAV. It has a headphones jack of the normal 3.5 mm. It speakers are reasonably decent. It has FM connectivity too.

                Video: The resolution with which Huawei Honor 6 Plus records videos is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The various formats supported are H.263, H.264 and MPEG -4.


                 This phone has a dual sim facility where both the sims are regular sims. Both the sims work with GSM connectivity. 3G and 4G(LTE) is available for both sims. The Wi-Fi connectivity is of the type 802.11 b/g/n. Bluetooth v4.0 is used for transferring and connecting in wireless mode. The phone has call features like call timer, conference call, flight mode, vibrating alert and so on.


               Score:  Huawei Honor 6 Plus has achieved a feature score of 89 on Pricejugaad.com. Most of the people who have contributed to the score have mentioned that this would be an even more perfect phone if it was in the 21 to 23 k range.

              Features : The advantageous features of this phone are its great cameras at the rear end and exceptional battery life. Whereas, the disadvantage is below average audio output and outdated software.

Methods to build the Concept in Time Speed and Distance

Time speed and distance is the concept from which  problems  are asked not only in CAT but also in other management examinations like XAT, NMAT and SNAP. The weightage of this concept in CAT is approximately 6% and it is an important concept to cover in order to take the test. According to Byju, when need to attempt quantitative aptitude, you need to think casually and then attempt the questions. Is there any way to take it casually? Yes, because taking it casually comes from confidence. The type of approach that would lead to such confidence is another question that needs to be addressed. Through Byju’s method, you will not only gain that confidence but you will familiarize the learning method that will make you ask questions to yourself and answer them yourself. You will find it very easy if you visualize the concepts in diagrams.

Now, time speed and distance is something that we come across each day, but we don’t really think about the relationship until we take an actual test. If you went to your office at 4km/hr you will reach 20 minutes late, if you are at 6km/her then you will reach 10 minutess early. Isn’t that simple? But CAT manages to perplex us by converting the Kilometers to meters or centimeters and hours to seconds and milliseconds.

Let’s have a look at the easiest method to solve speed, time and distance. Start using this formula to save valuable time.

We learnt that speed and time are inversely proportional. We use the method of percentage equivalent method which can be used not only for speed distance and time, but across the topics in arithmetic whenever the parameters are inversely proportional. Using this simple method we could find the speed without requiring any pen or paper. It is easy to deduce. Did you Like the tutorial? then share it with your friends!

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