The Importance of Transactional SMS in India

Transactional SMS has become the most popular program in the sector of mobile marketing. Today, most Indian business ventures, retail outlets, and a large number of small to medium size business have started using this cost-effective marketing tool. It acts as an easy way to send customized messages directly to the target audience.

The most strategic way to market the product or service

Transaction SMS services in India works as a powerful strategy to deal with severe competition in the market. Sending of transactional messages or alerts to the customers with the help of SMS is a dynamic way, as it directly delivers the messages to existing or subscribed users. Today, large numbers of corporations are applying this useful service to fulfill their marketing objectives that involve recruitment, customer care services and many more.

Rise in Use of Mobile Phones Justify SMS

Transactional SMSs are highly preferred by marketers and business managers due to the extreme rise in the usage of mobile phones between young and senior citizens related to different areas of the country. As users can read every message sent to their device; the organizations and industries have found out an easy way as direct sending of messages to the users.

Transactional SMS is a cost-effective solution

Sending of transactional SMS though bulk SMS gateway is a significant part of marketing and advertisement engine to promote any business, product or service. It does not only assist in developing awareness of the particular brands but also empowers marketers to approach a large number of customers with less money and time.

Using transactional SMS, marketers can send the notifications that include product specifications, price, and other relevant information to multiple customers through a single click. Today, transactional SMS marketing has successfully become an easy yet effective marketing strategy. In other traditional marketing strategies, the organizations or business ventures need to spend an enormous amount of money. Hence, transactional SMS in India works as cost-effective as well as profitable approaches for marketing.

Importance of Transactional SMS in India

Transactional messages provide several benefits to the customers as well as companies. Prime benefits that one can avail via bulk or transactional SMS are:

The drastic rise in sales of businesses and together generates repetition in sales.

Transactional SMS marketing does not only help in the creation of sales but also increase exposure to several top brands.

Sending of alerts is useful for giving the necessary information to prime customers.

Bulk messages help marketers and business managers to provide value added solutions at the affordable price to the customers

Using mobile marketing and advertisement, marketers can get the chance to communicate with a group of customers belonging to different areas.

SMSs are easy to create and forward; messages are sent to the recipients within seconds. They can reach out to people around the world.

Unlike mails, direct email, and other types of promotion, delivery of SMS is always guaranteed.

No need to use the Internet, computer, TV, or radio to send promotional bulk SMSs.

Transactional Bulk SMS API can be used for a wide range of objectives from advertising a new service, launching a new product, and announcing grand opening events.

Mobile phone – whole world in your hand

These days usage of mobile phone is rapidly increasing among people and has totally become impossible to stay without the mobile phone. You can also handle mobile according to your convenient anywhere and everywhere. Mobile phone is one of the best devices that have given number of features and function with ultimate facilities.  There are number of mobile phones available over both the offline and the online market.  It depends upon your choice from where you want to buy the mobile phone as per your needs and wants. On the online store you can find number of mobile phones of latest version and new trend.

There are number of latest mobiles one of them is MI that is one of the finest mobile phone occurring in the mobile industry. People are now buying this mobile just because of its wonderful feature and its affordable price then that of the other mobile.  If you want to buy the MI mobile phones then you can go for the MI coupons that will surely help the customers to get the mobile easily without any difficulty, as these mobile phones are not at all available over the market you have to purchase it online from the Amazon for getting the best and the trusted deal.  It is true that mobile is the gadget that has totally make whole world in one single hand.

Here are some of the best features of the MI mobile phone

  • Body shape:  It is true that the MI mobile has very slim and the finest body among the other mobiles.  It really gives the user a classy and the stylish look when it delivers to the customer’s hand.  This mobile handset is hundred times better then the other phones. Through you can try Amazon India coupons to get discount.
  • Camera: In this mobile you can get a huge high quality of the camera both the front and the rear camera accordingly.  Each and every mobile set has different type of mega pixels but the MI cameras of the entire model whether it is of high or the low range offers a high definition quality of image to your photo and help to make your picture more interesting and colorful.
  • Video calling: The MI mobile phones offer great way to stay connected with your loved ones. Now no need stay away from your family and friends with the best features you can now anytime and everywhere stay connected with your loved ones.  It offers number of ways to talk without any extra cost. You just need to have a high speed accurate internet connection.
  • Storage: The one of the best part about the MI phones is that it has huge storage from which you can easily store number of data in your small gadgets and can carry anywhere you wish. Storage is one of the important parts in the mobile phones where you need to store all the applications and other documents. These MI mobile phones also offer the extra slot where you can insert SD card according to your choice and can increase your storage accordingly.

The Difference Between Freshwater And Seawater Fish

If you are someone who loves to eat fish any time of the day, you must be aware of the different types of fish to get the best taste. The two major types of fish are seawater and freshwater fish and they are both extremely tasty when they are mixed with spices and masala. If one is able to get the best out of these fish, then they can make a balanced diet chart that consists of equal amounts of seawater as well as freshwater fish together.


With Licious, one will be able to buy meat online India has to offer and make tasty lunches or dinners at home. The fish available is absolutely fresh and excellent and can be made easily at home.

Freshwater fish:

Freshwater fish is one of the best as they have lesser saline levels in their body. This adds to the overall feel of the meat of the fish wherein, they are much softer but more often than not, they have more bones. However, freshwater fish meat is much more in demand and it is also good for health. This is because most of the freshwater fish eject more salts from their body which gives them a tendency to search for more salt. They also absorb much more water as compared to seawater fish.

If you are interested in getting some of the best meat online, Licious allows you to order raw meat online. You can enjoy the taste of some of the best fish meat in the area and cook them at home.

Seawater fish:

Seawater fish contain lesser amounts of salt water content in their bodies than the surrounding sea water. The seawater fish generally loses water through its skin as well as gills. They are generally less soft when compared to freshwater fish, but are equally as tasty when cooked in the right manner. Seawater fish is consumed more in general owing to the large volume in which they are available. With Licious, one will be able to complete online meat ordering and get their food delivered right to their doorstep within 90 minutes!

Top 4 Samsung Smartphones For The Smarter You


If a company gets compared to Apple, for copying their design or building technology on similar lines, clearly they’re on their way to the top, up against the best. When the company sells more products than its competitors, it definitely has a success story to tell. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about Samsung. This Seoul based company is into varied sectors including textiles, insurance and more. However, they are better known for their electronic devices, specially their range of smartphones. From some really high-end expensive ones, to the more economic pocket friendly phones, they make them all. You could take a look at the Samsung mobile price list and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Here are some of their products that were at the top in the smartphone market.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Aptly named ‘Edge’, this phone brought both — cutting edge technology and a phone with screen folded around its edges is what Samsung presented to the world. It comes with the latest Android update (lollipop) and a 3 GB RAM. The 5.1 inch wide screen is best to watch movies, play games or work on those important documents. It comes with a 16mp rear camera, and a powerful 5mp front camera for those party selfies. It comes packed with a 2.1 GHz + 1.5 GHz Octa Core Processor to help you multitask. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also get one of these in gold!


  • Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung recently launched its new addition to the Galaxy range of smartphones called the J Series. The J7 is a part of the J series trio. The J series was launched as a technical upgrade for the upcoming 4G technology. The J7 comes with a wide 5.5 inch display and Octa Core processor. Similar to the S6 edge it has a 5mp front camera however; the rear one is a 13mp. It has a 1.5 GHz Exynos 7580 Octa Core Processor and the Android v 5.1. The phone is perfect to play games watch movies or even use it to edit documents or read emails.


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung came up with the Note as an intermediate option between the smartphone and a tablet. The 4th generation of this product comes with a Quad HD display and 4G connectivity. The Note has a 3GB RAM, internal storage capacity of 32GB and is expandable up to 128GB, making sure you never run out of storage space. It comes with a 16mp rear camera and a 2.7 GHz Quad Core Processor. It uses the v4.4 Android OS and has a 3.7 mp front camera. The screen is a 5.7 inch super AMOLED touch screen; the phone has everything you need and more!


  • Samsung Galaxy A8

This comes with a 5.7 inch super AMOLED touch screen and the OS is an android v5.1.1. Perfect for running all those apps, movies and games too, the processor is a 1.8 GHz + 1.3 GHz Octa Core. It has an expandable storage capacity of upto128 GB. The phone comes with a 16 MP rear and a 5MP front camera. Need I say more?

The cost of jet fuel makes a portable power supply vital

Since fuel price started to drop in 2015, experts have put forth strategies to be implemented in order to cash in on the savings. However, many airline companies remain skeptical about the future of oil economy, and have sought out alternative methods of reducing fuel consumption. Companies have considered using more fuel efficient planes and slim-lining passenger seating to allow greater capacity and fewer trips. Portable power supply has already become a popular alternative and will prove to be a vital source of sustainable power as fuel costs become more volatile.

Thanks to the Start Pac 24 volt power supply, airline workers can safely get passengers aboard planes without using any of its kerosene. Once the power supply dissipates, it can be charged using a 110 volt or 120 volt AC outlet. Technicians can also use this yellow GPU to perform pre-flight maintenance. In the past, planes have generated their own power using internal auxiliary power units (APU), but GPUs are more economical since they don’t require jet fuel to operate.

If the cost of jet fuel continues to rise or fluctuate, these ground power units may become a universal standard. Portable GPUs are not only easy to transport, but also less complex than traditional 4-point fixed systems that require large frequency converters. For even greater portability, the lithium powered portable battery pack puts out the same amount of power as a standard ground power unit and is capable of safely providing two aircraft starts after a full charge.

Are You Impulsive? Maybe Your Brain Is to Blame

A woman leaps off a structure into water.

Some people’s brain structures may lower their inhibitions and make it easier for them to engage in risky or impulsive behavior, according to a new study.

Researchers examined more than 1,200 healthy young adults with no history of psychiatric disorders or substance dependence. They found that the participants who were more inclined to act impulsively or to seek thrills had a thinner cortex — the wrinkly outer layer of gray matter — around the brain regions involved in decision making and self-control.

This thinner cortex may not only compromise people’s decision-making process, but also may predispose them to substance abuse, the researchers said.

“The findings allow us to have a better understanding of how normal variation in brain anatomy in the general population might bias both temperamental characteristics and health behaviors,” said Avram Holmes, an assistant professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, who led the study.

Neuroscientists are hotly debating how important brain anatomy is to the choices we make in life, both good and bad, Holmes said. Previous research established that although impulsivity and sensation- or thrill-seeking behaviors are distinct from a predisposition to substance abuse, they do have a common origin in the brain regions associated with regulating emotions and behavior: the anterior cingulate and the middle frontal gyrus.

Similarly, research suggests that impulsivity among teenagers — often the poster children for reckless or irrational behavior — may be caused by a mismatch of the maturation phases in various parts of the brain, with regions associated with reward and thrill-seeking dominating decision-making processes.

In the new study, Holmes and colleagues at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital measured the size of numerous brain regions in men and women ages 18 to 35 using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These participants also completed questionnaires assessing their need for novel and intense experiences, willingness to take risks and tendency to make rapid decisions, as well as their alcohol, tobacco and caffeine usage.

The researchers found that study participants who reported seeking high levels of stimulation or excitement or a tendency to act on impulse had reduced cortical thickness in brain regions associated with decision making and self-control, particularly in the anterior cingulate and the middle frontal gyrus.

Kristine Beate Walhovd, a professor of neuropsychology at the University of Oslo in Norway who studies brain and behavior across the human life span, noted one strength of this study. “They identify this relationship within non-substance-using participants, implying that these variations are not merely the consequence of individual history of substance use,” said Walhovd, who was not involved in the new research.

Previous research has found that substance abuse also can drive an individual to act impulsively and engage in risky behavior. Thus, the new research suggests that some people might be prone to both risky behavior and substance abuse, and that this tendency, in turn, fuels more risky behavior.

But thrill seeking and impulsivity are not necessarily bad traits in the context of our ancestors securing food, land or mates, Holmes said.

“Our tendency to engage in sensation-seeking and impulsive behaviors evolved as a function of their influence on survival and reproductive fitness,” Holmes told Live Science. “They are not simply synonymous with adverse outcomes. For instance, sensation seeking co-varies with social behavior, social support, physical activity, reproductive opportunities and environmental exploration. There is likely no universally optimal temperament.”

Holmes added that, in particular, his team’s findings highlight the need to further examine how variations in brain anatomy may affect behaviors associated with the risk of psychiatric illness and poor health outcomes.

Weight-Loss Supplements May Contain Banned Drug

An image of weight loss supplements

A drug banned from competitive sports can be found at high doses in some weight-loss and workout supplements — a finding that researchers say is alarming and could potentially pose health risks.

In a new study, researchers analyzed 27 weight-loss and workout supplements now available on the market that listed an ingredient called methylsynephrine on the label. Methylsynephrine, also known as oxilofrine, is a stimulant drug approved in some countries for treating people with low blood pressure, but it is not approved for this use in the United States. The drug is not a legal supplement ingredient, either, and is banned from use in competitive sports.

The study found that 14 of the supplements (52 percent) contained methylsynephrine, and of these, close to half (43 percent) contained doses that were equal to or greater than the doses that are typically prescribed for people in places where the drug is legal.

In fact, the study found that people who followed the instructions on the supplements’ labels could wind up consuming up to 75 milligrams of oxilofrine in a single serving, and up to 250 mg of the drug per day. Those doses are much greater than those prescribed by doctors in the countries where the drug is available, which go as high as 40 mg.

“We found that not only did the supplements contain the banned drug, but that they were at extremely large dosages in some of the products,” said study co-author Dr. Pieter Cohen, an internist at Cambridge Health Alliance in Massachusetts. Although the researchers expected to find the drug in some of the supplements, the findings were “even more alarming” than they had predicted,” Cohen said.

The study comes just as the U.S. Food and Drug Administrationannounced that it had sent letters to seven supplement companies that sell products with methylsynephrine listed on the label. The letters, issued March 31, warn the companies that methylsynephrine is not a legal supplement ingredient and that products with the ingredient must be pulled from the market.

Cohen called the FDA action “a very small baby step” because his study found more than 50 supplement brands with methylsynephrine on the label, but the FDA warned just seven companies.

In addition, the FDA action is late, Cohen said, because it comes years after it was widely reported that some athletes tested positive for methylsynephrine after taking dietary supplements sold in the United States. Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell tested positive for methylsynephrine in 2013, and Brazilian cyclist Flavia Oliveira tested positive for the drug in 2009. (Both athletes said they took supplements that they did not know contained the drug.)

“The FDA has to be proactive and get out there and eliminate all of this from the marketplace,” Cohen said.

Studies in people have found that methylsynephrine increases blood pressure and the volume of blood pumped by the heart.

For a person who already has high blood pressure, or who has an undetected heart condition, this extra strain on the heart could have adverse health effects, Cohen said.

What’s more, many supplements with methylsynephrine also contain other stimulants. For example, one company that received a warning from the FDA had a product that contained both methylsynephrine and an ingredient called DMBA, a drug that increases blood pressure by tightening blood vessels.

When these two drugs are combined, “think about how high the blood pressure might go, especially for someone at risk [for high blood pressure],” Cohen said.

In the Netherlands, a supplement that contained methylsynephrine in combination with other stimulants was linked to adverse health effects, including rapid heart rate, chest pain and cardiac arrest. The FDA said it has received 47 reports of adverse effects linked with methylsynephrine-containing supplements, according to STAT news.

Cohen said studies have found that adverse effects linked to supplements send tens of thousands of Americans to the emergency room each year.

Street Heroin Use Could Be Curbed with Morphine-Like Drug

A man fills a syringe from a spoon

Heroin addiction is notoriously difficult to overcome, but a new study finds that some people with particularly serious addictions may benefit from treatment with a drug related to morphine.

The study, from researchers in Canada, focused on the small portion of people with heroin addiction who have tried and failed to treat their addiction multiple times with existing medications — mainly, the oral medications methadone and buprenorphine — and who continue to use street drugs and engage in illegal activity to obtain the drugs.

Among this specific group, treatment with medical-grade heroin has been shown to be effective in reducing illegal heroin use and getting people to stick with treatment. But in many countries, including the United States, medical-grade heroin isn’t an option for patients because the drug’s use, even for medical reasons, is illegal.

So, in the new study, researchers wanted to see if an alternative treatment with a similar drug, a pain reliever called hydromorphone, would work as well as treatment with medical-grade heroin.

And they found just that: Among the 200 people who were randomly assigned to take either hydromorphone (which is related to morphine) or medical-grade heroin, people in both groups reduced their use of street heroin by similar amounts. (Medical-grade heroin contains only the active ingredient in heroin, diacetylmorphine, whereas street heroin usually contains other compounds in addition to heroin.)

At the start of the study, participants were using street heroin an average of 27 days per month, but after six months of treatment, participants in the hydromorphone group were using street heroin about five days per month, and those in the medical-grade heroin group were using street heroin about three days per month.

The findings suggest that “in jurisdictions where diacetylmorphine is currently not available … hydromorphone could be offered as an alternative,” the researchers, from the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, wrote in the April 6 issue of the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

Treatment with hydromorphone was also linked with fewer serious side effects, such as overdoses and seizures, than treatment with medical-grade heroin.

All of the injections were supervised by a nurse, and participants were not allowed to take the medications out of the exam room. The idea is that the injections will reduce withdrawal symptoms, and keep patients from using street heroin while they are undergoing treatment.

The researchers came up with the idea to try hydromorphone for heroin addiction after they noticed, in another addiction study, that people treated with hydromorphone couldn’t tell that they weren’t being treated with heroin.

It’s important to note that both medical-grade heroin and hydromorphone are considered “last resort” treatments for people with serious addictions. In the study, people had been using street heroin for an average of 15 years, and had failed at least twice to treat their addictions with other methods. About 60 percent of the study participants were homeless.

“The study results indicate that for an important but small and carefully defined population, supervised injection of hydromorphone has comparable efficacy to supervised heroin injection,” Dr. Richard Schottenfeld and Stephanie O’Malley, of the Yale School of Medicine, wrote in an editorial accompanying the study.

Still, even though hydromorphone is an approved drug for pain relief in the United States, doctors cannot use it right now to treat people with heroin addiction. That’s because hydromorphone is an opioid (like heroin), and it is not legal to use any opioids (other than methadone and buprenorphine) to treat heroin addiction, Schottenfeld and O’Malley said.

This means that “regulatory changes would be required to permit supervised hydromorphone injection” in the United States, they said.

One Question Could Help Spot Drinking Problems in Teens

women, alcohol, party, drinking

One simple question may reveal a lot about a teen’s risk of developing an alcohol problem, a new study finds.

The study focused on teen alcohol screening, or questions that doctors can ask to flag those who may be at risk for problem drinking. Results showed that one question — how many days they drank in the past year  — was particularly good at spotting those at risk for a drinking problem, which researchers call alcohol use disorder.

Among teens who said they had one drink on at least three days, 44 percent were later found to have alcohol use disorder on a diagnostic test. Among the teens who answered no to the 3-days-per-year drinking question, 99 percent did not have alcohol use disorder, the researchers said.

The researchers took the screening a step further. They found that a screening test that included just this question, which was then followed by a detailed diagnostic test for teens who answered yes, could accurately identify 91 percent of teens with alcohol use disorder, the study found. Alcohol use disorder is drinking that is causing people harm or distress, including problems at school and with relationships.

Because doctors often have only a short time to spend with patients, researchers have tried to come up with ways to assess a patient’s risk for alcohol disorder with just a few questions. A two-question screening test based on people’s age already exists for teens. But the new study suggests that just one question about a teen’s frequency of alcohol use “would be a simple, brief, and cost-effective clinical assessment procedure,” said the researchers, from the University of Pittsburgh.

The study was based on surveys of nearly 1,200 teens ages 12 to 17 in rural Pennsylvania. Participants answered not only screening questions, but also questions to diagnose alcohol use disorder based on the latest definition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5).

About 10 percent of participants in the study over age 14 met the criteria for having alcohol use disorder, the researchers found.

Injection of Tiny Beads Could Curb Hunger, Promote Weight Loss

women, weight, fat, thin, skinny, overweight, obese

A small injection could lead to decreased feelings of hunger as well as major weight loss, a small new study finds.

The procedure, known as bariatric arterial embolization, has only been tested in seven patients, and much more research will be needed in order to confirm its safety and effectiveness.

However, the doctors who completed the study are “excited about the possibility of adding [the procedure] as another tool for health care providers to offer patients in the effort to curb” the obesity epidemic, said Dr. Clifford Weiss, the director of interventional radiology research at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the leader of the study, in a statement.

The procedure involves injecting microscopic beads into the blood through a tiny nick in the wrist or groin. These beads travel to a part of the stomach called the fundus, where they decrease the amount of blood flow to the area. (The fundus is located toward the top of the stomach, near the part where the esophagus adjoins it.)

Scientists suspect that the fundus may play an important role in weight loss because it produces most of the body’s ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone. By decreasing blood flow to the fundus, the procedure may limit the amount of ghrelin that the fundus secretes, which could minimize hunger and help patients lose weight, the researchers hypothesized.

Compared to weight loss surgery (also called bariatric surgery), “bariatric arterial embolization is significantly less invasive and has a much shorter recovery time,” Weiss said.

Six women and one man were included in the study. All of the patients had a BMI that was between 40 and 50 — which is considered “severely obese” — but otherwise, they did not have other health problems, according to the researchers.

All of the patients lost a significant amount of weight after the procedure, the researchers said. After one month, the patients lost, on average, 5.9 percent of their excess body weight, according to the study. At the end of three months, the patients had lost an average of 9.5 percent of their excess weight, and by six months, an average of 13.3 percent of their excess weight.

In comparison, six months after surgery, patients who have had bariatric surgery may lose about 30 percent to 40 percent of their excess body weight, according to the Mayo Clinic.

In addition, the patients also reported dramatic reductions in theirhunger levels, according to the researchers. To measure hunger, for several days before and after their follow-up visits, the researchers asked the participants to fill out a questionnaire about appetite and satiety (the feeling of fullness). Two weeks after the procedure, the patients reported, on average, an 81 percent average decrease in hunger; at one month, they reported an average decrease of 59 percent; and at three months, an average 26 percent decrease, according to the study.

The researchers also found that patients’ ghrelin levels decreased by an average of 17.5 percent at three months after the procedure.

While the results of the study are promising, the “research is still in its early stages,” Weiss said. The study demonstrated that the procedure is safe. Now, researchers can carry out more clinical trials with larger numbers of patients in order to test how effective the procedure may be, and how long-lasting its effects may be, he said.

The results of the study were presented on April 3 at the Society of Interventional Radiology’s annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. The findings have not been published in a peer-reviewed journal.