Comfort Through The MRI

If your doctor needs detailed images of the body, then he will likely want you to have an MRI done on the body. This is a scan that provides a look at everything from the arteries to the small details of the organs that an x-ray won’t offer. If you’re claustrophobic and don’t like the loud sounds of this kind of machine, then you’ll find that an open MRI New Jersey medical offices and hospitals use is a better option. There are still a few tips and tricks that you can keep in mind to help with the noise in the room and getting through the scan as comfortable as possible because you’re still on a table with a large magnetic device circling the body.

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Watch a few videos online about what the machine does and what you might hear while in the room. Learn about the equipment. If you understand how it operates and understand some of the components of the machine, then you’ll be a bit more comfortable. Most scans only take about 30 minutes. Some might take longer depending on what the doctor is trying to see.

Ask the technician if you can listen to music while the scan is being done. This will help you relax, especially if you don’t want to listen to the sound of the machine as it circles. You can also ask if you can look at the equipment the day before the MRI or if you can talk to the technician to get more information about what to expect. Let the technician know that you’re not comfortable with being in a small space and that you would like to understand how the scan is done. At times, the doctor might order an MRI with contrast in the body. This means that an intravenous needle will be placed so that a nurse can administer a type of dye that will allow the doctor to see if there are any issues with blood flow in the body. Your doctor might be able to prescribe a sedative before the scan if you are concerned, but an open design is often a better solution than the traditional machine as you’re not in an enclosed space.

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