The advantages of recording data in tabular form

Data concept is not new to the world. People find a recording date in tabular form quite easier and convenient. It allows hassle free access to all the recordings that are either made in the past or present for easy access either for the future or to carry out daily need of data interpretation. To club the information into a table form not only compresses the entire information, but also makes it easier to get through later on.

When you choose datavisualization with tableau training your most hectic work of comparison becomes easier with multiple databases. When you get all the relevant information categorized in table form it becomes easier for you to compare between various or two overheads. This makes you get a better visual understanding of the interpretation.Understanding statistics in the article is a bit tricky and stressful work. This hard task is made easier by the table. It brings out clear info on each and every topic.

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Data procured in table form help in creating  razor cut view of the topic and helps you peep into the vision which otherwise would be a daunting task. It enhances your reasoning power as you are able to figure out all the useful information in the same category. Undoubtedly, data presented in tabular form look more attractive and appealing to the eyes.  The creativity is best showcased in it by adding all useful details in a single table.

Mumbai is the financial capital of the nation and hence lays promising future for aspirants, when you take up data training, visualization with table in Mumbai will help in numerous functioning. Data stored in tabular form assists in various purposes. You can use the data for future reference as well. It becomes easier to remember and recall the info in the table form rather than in edit form.Going tabular way assists in making groups of same information a cake walk. With the help of groups you get a better idea of each and every classification you made to get your work done in a convenient way.

When the data are presentable is an attractive and organized way it fosters editing without laying creases on your forehead. The hectic task of understanding and interpretations made comfortable with tabular data representations. It also provides you with an opportunity of switching two identical data for your thorough study. You can easily figure out the possible reasons of growth or failure. Depending on your facts, you can easily interpret that helps in future speculation. No wonder, a case study supported with facts and data very mush assists in making speculation for the future precise and accurate. As assumptions are based on facts and periodic study, it is more likely to get the true figure in future as well.Data visualization with tableau training gives more precise calculations. It fosters to the point calculation and very proximate percentage.

Application Form of Jee Main

Jee Main exams has came to a end with with applicants criteria who can apply for it being under Under graduate Engineering Programs which includes NITs, IIITs, Other Technical Institutions which is funded by the participating which is funded by Centrally Fund state Governments and many other advance institutions.

This has been funded by the 12 or equivalent classes which are eligible for the exams and in the application form of jee main examinations. This is performed with in the different states of India like Nagaland, Gujarat, Madhya pradesh,Uttarakhand and Odisha. With these states in hands helding the various Jee main exams this allows many candidates from different states which isn’t even included in the list as these states are included which are considred near to the neighboring states where the exams are held.

Applying for Jee Main:

With a lot of rules to follow from Jee main allows only the best to be the part of the engineering course they provide with so the rules that you have to follow while appearing are also alittle to get by which includes exam which has been made more students friendly by allowing students to write in exams in or opt for writing in exams in Hindi and English which are the two most used languages over India. And for all candidates who are opting for English they will be provided with English text booklets and those who are opting for Hindi they will be provided with Bilingual.

And incase the students are comfortable with both the languages they will be provided with English as their default language.

There are different criteria of Cities where these exams will be performed which are categorized into 3 different Convenient City codes.

And not just that the criteria of the people who can appear they include different exam Codes for applying in the exam. They have been elaborated below.


Jee Main Exam Rules and Regulations:

Booking of seats is likewise follow under the procedure by the CBSE board which is as follows:

  • For SC prospects there will be a booking of 15% seats.
  • For ST candidates there will be a reservation of 7.5% seats.
  • And also for the various non-creamy layer of OBC coming from the Central Education and learning Institute.
  • For Physically handicap and also handicapped prospects there will certainly be a reservation of 3% seats.


So the prospects those things they belong to the various groups are liable to be groups themselves with the different classifications they come from. Yet the prospects who refer themselves as enabled will need to obtain the various enabled criteria have to supply with the different authentic clinical certification to support their impairments.


Applying for Jee Exam Online:

This is where you will need to apply for the online Jee application through online:

Visit This Site: Jee Online Form Filling

To apply online you will need to need to follow up with different applying criteria which includes different types Filling forms and also scanning images and the different types of signature scanning and the different types of examination fees that has to be paid in due to get the access to the examination application.

You can slologgin later to understand more about the exams and to finalize the payment processdn also see whether your payment has been accepted or even if your application is in the process and the different criteria which includes the different types of payment for different criteria of people which include the castes which are like the schedule tribes schedule caste or OBS peoples.

After you are done with the registration you will be able to login with different passwords and different identical categories of applicants. Also this means you will be able to login. To your account at any point of time.

The new 2016 application file will be formed online just like before which is through online. Online being the form of where maximum forms being filed opting for filling form online should be the one that you should choose from. Online filling will be the one will start from the designated date from the Jee Admissions CBSE.

Hope you get the chance to be apart of this amazing institution. Filling up the form online will be the fastest way to fill the form and be apart of Jee. Best of luck for the exam.

Are You Making These Top JEE Mistakes?

The Joint Entrance Examination or (JEE) is an entrance test for students aspiring to get into IIITs and NITs. The Entrance Exam is claimed to be one the most challenging exams to get into engineering. The syllabus is vast and you have only 2 years to prepare for it. Over 1,00,000 students appear for the exam, but, very few are able to score well as the level of toughness is way too high. These can be overcome by avoiding common mistakes that most aspirants commit. The most often followed are:


  1. Buying Piles Of Books With The Same Content

Most students buy heaps of books that are recommended by many parties. Preparing for JEE 2016 may be a Herculean task, but referring to those big, fat books that most often contain the same content that would be in your NCERT text books in a better, lucid language. It’s highly important to first properly cover up the syllabus from the Text Books first, understand the concepts well and then go on to other referred books. Make sure that you stick to only one book of that subject and go through it bit by bit. This alone, will help you score substantial marks and better more understand the problems clearly.

  1. Indulging in Coaching Classes That Take Up Most Of Your Time

As many students have been made to fear JEE, coaching classes that are truly commercial put up boards and banners that promise you to help increase your score. Many of these institutions are money-making rackets and the student’s future is entirely compromised by their lack of efforts. Not all classes are such but intervene well before joining the class and check if it will be suitable for your study patterns as self-study is most important in JEE preparation.

  1. Studying Everything At Once

Prepare the particular topic well from your text bit to bit before going forward to study JEE based questions. These questions can be fully understood only when you are well versed with the concept entirely, an important factor many students don’t anticipate. Go step by step and you’ll be able to cover more syllabus rather than trying new things without any conceptual understanding and hence cross the cut-off.

  1. Getting Distracting Easily

JEE is tough and can be tackled only when you give your hundred percent. It is easy for teenagers to get distracted during this time, but, limit it when it comes to preparing for the entrance examination which is usually why students end up not scoring well. Take periodic breaks and make the most out of your studying routines. 2 years feel like a short period of time but if used well can result into great success. Keep your phones aside and mentally indulge in what you’re doing.

  1. Neglect The Need For Help

Most often when students get stuck on a problem, they refrain to ask someone for help on the matter. This is the biggest mistake committed by the students. Utilize sources like your peers, teachers or the internet to the maximum.

  1. Smart Work Is Not Thought Through

Many students don’t know that along with hard work and smart work is also must. Getting through the syllabus smartly will not only help in understanding more of it but also help in more gain of marks which in turn will increase your rank.

Attempt theory questions in the first 15min of your exam, attempt answers you’re entirely sure of as there is negative marking and don’t get nervous. You’ll bear the fruit of how you’ve prepared.

Methods to build the Concept in Time Speed and Distance

Time speed and distance is the concept from which  problems  are asked not only in CAT but also in other management examinations like XAT, NMAT and SNAP. The weightage of this concept in CAT is approximately 6% and it is an important concept to cover in order to take the test. According to Byju, when need to attempt quantitative aptitude, you need to think casually and then attempt the questions. Is there any way to take it casually? Yes, because taking it casually comes from confidence. The type of approach that would lead to such confidence is another question that needs to be addressed. Through Byju’s method, you will not only gain that confidence but you will familiarize the learning method that will make you ask questions to yourself and answer them yourself. You will find it very easy if you visualize the concepts in diagrams.

Now, time speed and distance is something that we come across each day, but we don’t really think about the relationship until we take an actual test. If you went to your office at 4km/hr you will reach 20 minutes late, if you are at 6km/her then you will reach 10 minutess early. Isn’t that simple? But CAT manages to perplex us by converting the Kilometers to meters or centimeters and hours to seconds and milliseconds.

Let’s have a look at the easiest method to solve speed, time and distance. Start using this formula to save valuable time.

We learnt that speed and time are inversely proportional. We use the method of percentage equivalent method which can be used not only for speed distance and time, but across the topics in arithmetic whenever the parameters are inversely proportional. Using this simple method we could find the speed without requiring any pen or paper. It is easy to deduce. Did you Like the tutorial? then share it with your friends!

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Haryana CM Khattar announces to set up a Skill Development University

Haryana CM Khattar announces to set up a Skill Development UniversityGurgaon: Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Saturday announced to set up aSkill Development University in the state.

He said that a proposal for setting up of Skill Development University in Haryana has been sent to the Union HRD Ministry and he hoped that it would get clearance soon.

The University would help in training of teachers in improving their pedagogical skills so that they can prove to be good teachers and be fair to their profession.

He said that Haryana has also set up a Skill Development Mission on the pattern of National Skill Development Mission so as to help the drop out students in their skill upgradation and make them employable.

He was speaking in a Consultative Meeting of North Indian States for preparation of New Education Policy at the national level organised here today.

The one day meeting was jointly organised by Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) and Department of Higher Education of Government of Haryana.

Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani, Haryana Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma, State’s PWD Minister Rao Narbir Singh, Rajasthan Education Minister Vasudev Nani, Punjab Education Minister Daljit Singh Cheema, and senior officers of Education Departments from the north Indian states were also present.

In his address, the Haryana Chief Minister said that earlier the education policy used to start from ‘Top to Bottom’ but now for the first time in the country suggestions were taken from village, Block, District and State level for preparation of a comprehensive National education Policy.

“Now the policy is being framed from ‘Bottom to Top’. The new education policy framed after a thorough discussion from all over the country would meet the requirements of the fast growing India, which is heading towards becoming a ‘Vishwa Guru’ (world teacher),” he said, according to an official release.

He was of the view that education should be value based which makes the students employable.

Khattar said that as of now emphasis is laid on ‘3-R’ education, which means Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

He said that a Skill Development Mission has been set up in the state to take care of the drop out students or who could not take up higher education due to some circumstances in upgrading their skills and make them employable.

Khattar said that in addition to education, the state government has taken steps for ‘good governance’ and the state got appreciation from the Central Government for e-governance.

In the Consultative Meeting, the HRD Minister invited suggestions from the northern Indian states, majority of whom suggested to drop ‘no detention policy’ because, according to them, the poor learning outcome in the primary classes were reflected in the large scale drop outs after class 9th and low percentage of pass outs in class 10th and 12th.

They also emphasized on the need to introduce teacher training from induction level to afterwards for developing better pedagogical skills.

Earlier, Khattar and Irani, along with other ministers, paid floral tributes to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on his birth anniversary.

AICTE CMAT 2016-17 to be held on January 17, registration begins

AICTE CMAT 2016-17 to be held on January 17, registration beginsNew Delhi: The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) for the session 2016-17 will be conducted on January 17, 2016, as per the official notification released by the All IndiaCouncil for Technical Education (AICTE).

The registration for the test begins today, i.e. November 03, 2015. Candidates can register themselves for the test till December 10, 2015. Admit card can be downloaded on January 05, 2016.

The result will be declared on January 21, 2016.

The CMAT is a national level entrance examination conducted by the AICTE every year as per the directions of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India.

The CMAT is a three-hour computer-based online test, which is conducted in a single session.

This test facilitates Institutions to select suitable graduate candidates for admission in all Management programs.

Earlier, the exam used to be held two times in a year – September and February. However, now AICTE has decided to hold it only once.

The test consists of four sections – Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension and General Awareness.

Students are given 180 minutes to answer 25 questions in each section.

Every correct answer gets the candidate four marks and no negative marking takes place for a wrong answer.

The CMAT score is accepted by all AICTE-approved institutions/university departments/constituent colleges/affiliated colleges.

India needs rapid expansion in higher education: Panagariya

India needs rapid expansion in higher education: PanagariyaNew Delhi: Calling for transformation in tune with the changing times, NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Arvind Panagariya on Tuesday said India needs rapid expansion of its higher education system.

“I think challenges in the Indian education system are very much there. The country needs transformation in this field,” Panagariya said while addressing the 11th Ficci Higher Education Summit 2015.

“Just as we need transformation in different areas such as urbanisation, industralisation… In many countries a lot of transformation has happened in education.”

Panagariya is of the view that school education and higher education need to grow together to help India face various challenges.

He made out a case for rapid expansion in higher education both in private and public sectors.

“A lot of the criticism in recent times are along the lines that we overemphasise on higher education and ignore elementary one… And that was a big mistake. Personally, I don’t really subscribe to that view… The Constitution very specifically recognised it,” he said.

While taking note of advancement in information technology (IT) because of rapid expansion in engineering education, Panagariya made it a point to highlight the “very restrictive” nature of medical education in the country.

Citing the example of his own state Rajasthan, Panagariya said there were five medical colleges way back in 1995 and the situation remains so even now.

Listing other impediments, Panagariya said there is distinct lack of interest among professionals towards teaching profession and the salary levels are not comparable either.

“We also need to do something about the salaries paid to professors. Often, the best faculty and students walk out to work for the private sector,” he added.

He made it clear that NITI Aayog is considerate to the demands of the education sector.

“At NITI Aayog, we are very much sensitive to that. The Prime Minister has himself focussed on cooperative federalism. This is where Ficci can help NITI Aayog,” he added.

President hopes educational institutes improve ranking globally

President hopes educational institutes improve ranking globallyNew Delhi: Stressing on the need to improve the quality of teaching, President Pranab Mukherjee Monday hoped that educational institutes across the country will improve their ranking to be part of world’s best 200 universities.

Attending a function, the President underlined the need to focus on improving the quality of teaching, faculty and research in country’s universities.

Mukherjee said that in his capacity as Visitor of central institutions of higher learning, he has been repeatedly stressing on the need to have quality education and that universities should take the ranking process seriously.

He said it is not that our country lacks the requisite talent or merit. “Concerted efforts over the past few years have shown some good results and recently, two Indian institutions found a place among the top 200 universities as per an international ranking,” the President said.

He was hopeful of other institutes improving their ranks in the future, a release issued by Rashtrapati Bhavan said.

Mukherjee was speaking after receiving first copy of a book on “The President of India and the Governance of Higher Education Institutions” from the founding chancellor Naveen Jindal and founding vice chancellor Professor C Raj Kumar of O P Jindal Global University, at Rashtrapati Bhavan here.

The President congratulated the authors and the O P Jindal Global University as well as the international institute for higher education research & capacity building for bringing out the book.

The book provides an overview of higher education in India and includes chapters on the role of the Visitor; historical and legal analysis of the position of the Visitor in India; President Mukherjee’s initiatives for promoting excellence in higher education and reimagining Indian universities as world class universities by taking rankings seriously.

It also gives an insight on the way forward towards institution building for nation building.

“The objective of the book is to begin a discourse on the governance of higher education institutions. It recognises the importance of raising academic standards while promoting international benchmarks in quality, excellence and institutional governance.

“It particularly provides a glimpse of the contribution of President Mukherjee for his farsighted leadership and initiative in recognising that the future of India is significantly dependent upon our ability to empower the higher education institutions, which will help India establish a knowledge based society,” the release said.

Supreme Court voices displeasure over lack of teachers in Telangana

Supreme Court voices displeasure over lack of teachers in TelanganaNew Delhi: Education without teachers is unimaginable like existence of an individual in an atmosphere without oxygen, the Supreme Court has said while voicing displeasure over lack of teachers in Telangana.

“We are of the sanguine view that school education would become extinct without teachers and giving temptation to the students to come to school to play is nothing but an unacceptable apology for education.

“We say so as imparting of education without teachers is absolutely inconceivable like existence in an atmosphere sans oxygen is unthinkable,” a bench comprising justices Dipak Misra and P C Pant said after perusing an affidavit filed by the Telangana government.

The affidavit filed by the Telangana chief secretary said some of the schools in the state were functioning without teachers as educators were opting only for urban areas and better connected villages.

“Keeping in view the said situation, instructions have been issued that while transferring any teacher, if any school is left without any teacher, the district educational officer shall issue necessary orders to the effect that the junior most teacher will come back and work in the school from where he/she was relieved until alternate arrangements are made,” the affidavit said.

It also said the state government after going through latest student enrolment figures has decided to fill 7,974 vacancies by engaging vidya volunteers or academic instructors to overcome the problem of shortage of teachers which has been completed in all the schools.

To this the bench said, “We do not intend to say that we are really perplexed about the assertions made, but we cannot refrain ourselves from saying that it is quite surprising that a state is thinking of imparting education with such adhocism by engaging vidya volunteers/academic instructors.

“We have been also apprised that they have been engaged for a period of six months. This is a state of absolute adhocism which can never be appreciated,” the court said.

Noting the state of affairs, the apex court directed the state government to commence the process of appointment of teachers in primary schools within three weeks.

The bench also ordered the Secretary (Primary Education) of Telangana to file an affidavit regarding progress in the commencement of appointment process and also indicate as to how long it will take to fill up the vacant posts of teachers.

The observation came while the court was hearing a petition filed by J K Raju, seeking a direction for providing toilet and drinking water facilities in the states’ schools.

Educate yourself, Upgrade yourself

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