Pebble preps for the end of its smartwatch services

The end is near for Pebble. The latest update to Pebble watches should extend their life a bit longer by removing the dependency on cloud servers. This allows the devices to work without the Pebble services that have up until now was required for many user interactions.

When Fitbit purchased Pebble in late 2016, uncertainty hung over the purchase. Would Fitbit keep supporting the device? Not really, it seems. Fitbit eventually stated that it would keep the lights on through 2017, maintaining the bevy of cloud services, developer tools and APIs used by the devices and owners. There’s no guarantee in 2018.

This most recent update seems to be Pebble prepping for the end. With the latest app users are now presented with an option to skip the login process if the authentication servers are unreachable. In that case apps and firmware could still be sideloaded. The team even added the ability to sideload a service configuration that changes the Pebble’s server connection to allow apps to update from 3rd party services.

 The complete release notes can been seen here.

The iOS version is available for download from the App Store and Android users can sideload the app (download here) until it’s available in the Play store. This is likely one of the last major updates for the storied wearable maker.

Twitter ads starring Trump pop up in Tokyo train stations

He may have shared the world’s worst handshake with its Prime Minister, but President Trump is still big in Japan.

Starting in late March, a set of splashy ads depicting Trump appeared in train cars and metro stations around Tokyo. As a spokesman from Twitter Japan explained to TechCrunch, the Trump ads are one part of a new brand campaign that began on Monday, March 20 and is scheduled to run for two weeks. The campaign’s slogan is “#あなたの知らない今がある” which translates to “There is now you do not know” —  one comprised of millions of tweets flashing by in realtime, presumably.

Trump might be the campaign’s most controversial topic, but the it spanned a number of topics beyond politics. The other sample themes include a social issues ad about Japanese nursery schools, an entertainment focused one depicting paparazzi, a sports ad featuring high school baseball and sumo, a food ad showing tamago-kake-gohan (egg on rice) and, naturally, one about cats.

Another Twitter spokesperson clarified that “This ad campaign is Japan-specific,” so don’t expect to see them creeping up in Trump-hostile train stations around New York or San Francisco. He added that the company ran another political ad campaign in the U.S. last October. That one included similarly stark photos of both presidential candidates, a raft of refugees, and a pot plant, among other symbols of domestic and international conversation.

 At the time, Twitter explained the ad push on its blog. “Because Twitter is open, it’s the place for people to see and discuss the issues from every perspective,” Twitter’s global creative director wrote. “This campaign highlights the top issues being discussed on Twitter – it reflects different sides and doesn’t take sides.”

Flipkart Electronics Sale Best Deals Day 2: Discounts on DSLR Cameras, Gaming Consoles and More

Flipkart on Wednesday kicked off its three-day Electronics Sale, which saw some exciting deals and discounts across a range of electronic products from smartphones to smartwatches. Some of the best deals yesterday included offers on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Moto Z, Moto Z Play, Google Chromecast, TVs, and smartwatches.

Day 2 continues some of the deals that were seen on Wednesday as well as some new offers on gaming consoles, DSLR cameras, and powerbanks. Here are some the best deals you’ll find today. We recommend you check them out before the end of the day.

Flipkart Electronics Sale Best Deals Day 2: Discounts on DSLR Cameras, Gaming Consoles and More

Flipkart offers on DSLR cameras
If you’ve been meaning to get your hands on a decent DSLR camera but were concerned about the expensive price tag, Flipkart has some interesting discounts for today. DSLR cameras like the Canon EOS 1200D, Canon EOS 1300D, and Nikon D3300 are seeing discounts up to 28 percent. There are some steep discounts on lenses as well and you can find all of them here.

Flipkart deals on gaming consoles
Xbox 360 may be over a decade old but it’s still a decent gaming console to start off with. The 500GB Xbox 360 is currently available at price of Rs. 11,990 down from Rs. 24,990, and you get a Forza Horizon 2 along with it as well. For the more professional gamers out there, the 1TB PlayStation 4 is also on offer for Rs. 27,990, which is a 17 percent discount from its original price. The gaming console with come along with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Infamous Second Son.

Flipkart offers on power banks
Power banks are essential for when you find yourself needing some extra juice towards the end of the day. Flipkart has you covered with power banks available at over half the going price. Intex, Ambrane, Syska are among some of the power banks on offer ranging from 10000mAh to 20000mAh. You can check out all the power banks on offer here.

Flipkart deals on smartphones
Some of the smartphones on offer from Wednesday continue to be available on Thursday. However, some of the deals have changed since Wednesday. All variants of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that were available at a discount of 20 percent on Wednesday are now available at a discount of 11 percent with up to Rs. 13,500 off on exchange. The Google Pixel has up to Rs 20,000 off on exchange on Flipkart Electronics Sale, and the Google Pixel XL has up to Rs. 13,500. Moto Z and Moto Z Play offer exchange discount of up to Rs. 15,500 while the Samsung A9 Pro gets a discount of Rs. 6,950.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A First Sale Sees 250,000 Units Sold in 4 Minutes on Amazon India,

Xiaomi Redmi 4A’s first sale in India was on Thursday, starting at 12pm IST on both Amazon India and Now, the online marketplace and the Chinese consumer electronics company have announced that the sale set a record for the fastest smartphone sale on launch day in India.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A First Sale Sees 250,000 Units Sold in 4 Minutes on Amazon India,

Across both Amazon India and, the companies claim that 250,000 units of the Xiaomi Redmi 4A were sold within 4 minutes. Amazon India also said that during the period of the sale, it saw site-wide orders spike to a record 1,500 per second, and 5 million hits per minute. The online marketplace added that it received over 1 million ‘notify me’ alerts from customers.

Noor Patel, Director Category Management, Amazon India said, “We are thrilled to have witnessed such an overwhelming customer response for the Redmi 4A smartphone. We had over 1 million ‘notify me’ requests from customers. Smartphones have been a top selling category on and the phenomenal sale today reinforces our focus on expanding the selection and giving our customers the best to choose from.”

Raghu Reddy, Online Sales Head, Xiaomi India said, “We are pleased with the record sales of more than 250,000 units of Redmi 4A on Amazon and The device has much to offer to customers and it is the best in its price segment. Our Mi Fans are at the core of our business and their response to the sale has been tremendous. This is our most affordable smartphone to date and delivers on our brand promise of innovation for everyone.”

Bra startup True&Co sold to Calvin Klein owner PVH

True&Co., an e-commerce company founded with the mission of disrupting the lingerie industry by creating a new business model for selling bras and other undergarments, has been sold. Phillips Van Heusen (PVH), owner of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Izod, among other iconic brands, has acquired the startup and plans to use it to move deeper into online sales and big data analytics connected to that.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but sources with direct knowledge of the deal said investors mostly got their money back, but nothing more. The deal value was in the “tens of millions.” True&Co had raised a reported $13 million from a strong list of investors that included Crosslink Capital, Cowboy Ventures, First Round, SoftBank, SoftTech VC and the VTF (fomerly the Vegas Tech Fund).

We’ve reached out to PVH — which has operations in 40 countries and last year made $8 billion in annual revenues — to see if we can get any details or confirmation on the price. We have yet to hear back from PVH. Michelle Lam, the co-founder and CEO of the company, replied to our questions with a short description of today as “an amazing day for the company.”  A True&Co spokesperson declined to give any details on the price but did confirm that the brand would remain.

In the meantime, PVH’s CEO and chairman, Emanuel Chirico, noted in a statement that the deal underscores the company’s interest in doing more on digital platforms.

“Today’s announcement illustrates our commitment to driving innovation across our business and demonstrates our commitment to making strategic investments in our digital platforms to support our long-term growth initiatives,” he said. “We believe that we can leverage the analytics tools of this data-driven company, while leveraging PVH’s intimates category expertise, including global brand management, product know-how and supply chain.”

True&Co., founded in 2012, was one of the earlier movers in the wave of vertically integrated e-commerce startups that use technology to move into and disrupt traditionally non-tech areas of business. Others in the world of fashion have included Warby Parker, but you could also count the multitude of on-demand startups like Uber and the Dollar Shave Club among those following the same concept. (Some of course do better than others.)

Bras are a particularly challenging area because even in a physical retail environment, it can be tricky to get the right fit.

While some other bra startups, such as ThirdLove, use your cameraphone plus questions to measure and figure out your contours and sizes, True&Co’s model was based on a “bra quiz” that asks you some questions based on a bra that you already own and some basics about how you look.

 Using data that it holds about well-known bra brands, and your own feedback on the size that you own, it figures out what would be a good bra for you. It then sends you five bras that fit the bill and you pay for what you want, and send back what you do not.

It seems that while the company definitely attracted attention — some 5 million women tried out its bra quiz — it’s not clear how many of those actually converted into paying customers.

Whatever the state of True&Co’s business was by the time of its exit, one interesting opportunity going forward will be in how PVH leverages the startup’s platform to help sell its other brands.

Calvin Klein has an extensive line of underwear, and among PVH’s other holdings are Warner and Olga, two other top names in the world of lingerie, and Speedo, a swimwear and active wear brand. It seems likely that these will either augment or replace True&Co’s existing line of products with these for better economies of scale, or have the True team create True-like experiences for these brands individually.

Utilis takes top water innovation prize at Imagine H2O for tech that finds leaks underground

An Israeli tech startup called Utilis has taken top honors at Imagine H2O this year, for technology that can detect underground leaks in underground, potable water supply systems through analysis of satellite imagery. Americans waste 1 trillion gallons of water every year thanks to leaky faucets, faulty sprinkler systems and other small systems. Utilis’ tech can find leaks to systems that are much bigger, serving urban markets, and help utilities to repair them before the waste has a detrimental effect on people living nearby.

Each year, IH2O rallies tech startups to develop solutions for particular problems around our global water supply. This year’s theme was simply, “data.” IH2O President Scott Bryan said, “Data is a building block you must have in water. Communities cannot make big decisions around a desalination plant if they don’t have data about leaks, or how much energy it may takes to move water from point a to point b, for example. Without data you can’t plan, and you can’t do things, big things, in water.”

Judges at the IH2O annual event ranged from Silicon Valley venture investors to technologists from water utilities and large industrials, to sustainability experts and policy makers. All 12 companies invited to be finalists in this competition were accepted into the IH2O accelerator. But Utilis also scored a cash prize of $25,000 and will have the option of free business services and mentorship provided by partners of IH2O.

The announcement of the winning water tech innovators fell on a date when President Donald Trump sent an aggressive budget to Congress seeking to dramatically cut funding for the E.P.A., and the United Nations both of which are running multiple initiatives to study and conserve the world’s clean water supply. For example, the E.P.A. runs regional projects like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. And the United Nations recognizes access to safe and clean drinking water and water for sanitation are human rights.

 That budget is getting pushback. But no matter the outcome, it’s at least heartening to know that if the U.S. government stops supporting such initiatives financially, and otherwise, some (if too few) private sector organizations are banding together to find technological approaches to water conservation, and protection.

Utilis co-founders at the Imagine H2O Water Gala 2017 in San Francisco.

A list of all the other water-tech startups participating in the accelerator follows below. Descriptions provided by IH2O.

  • Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK): Acoustic signaling hardware and analytical tools to measure and monitor the serviceability of sewers, pipes and ducts in real-time. With faster and cheaper performance than CCTV surveys, SewerBatt’s high-accuracy assessments generate actionable data for intervention and maintenance scheduling.
  • Utilis (Israel): Low-cost, high accuracy remote sensing technology for leak detection in urban supply systems. Using spectral satellite imagery to monitor drinking water in the ground, proprietary algorithms identify leaks in user-friendly GIS reports and quantify the financial implications of non-revenue water loss.
  • Triple Bottom Line Enterprises (Ethiopia): Smart phone-enabled tools for land surveying, pipeline design, and network management to develop affordable piped water infrastructure in rural communities. Flowius, the company’s latest product, converts geospatial inputs into pipeline design software for local engineers.
  • EMAGIN (Canada): Cloud-based, Artificial Intelligence platform to help water utilities proactively manage infrastructure operations. HARVI, the company’s flagship product, provides system-wide monitoring, generates alerts for anomalies, and creates GIS-based visualization of system KPIs.
  • Pluto AI (USA): Advanced predictive analytics platform for water management powered by Deep Learning models. Using proprietary algorithms, Pluto AI integrates available data into actionable intelligence to help users prevent water wastage, predict asset failures and reduce operational costs.
  • AquaSeca (USA): High-performance, non-invasive leak detection and remote monitoring system for plumbing infrastructure in buildings. Easy-to-install acoustic sensors are strapped onto water pipes to manage water consumption data, generate alerts and trigger automatic shut-off valves.
  • Flo Technologies (USA): Water monitoring and control system for single family homes that proactively identifies potential water risks and abnormalities, learns consumption habits and triggers alerts via wifi to a user’s smartphone.
  • FREDSense (Canada): Portable, cost-effective, biosensor and testing platform that can detect chemicals up to 1 part per billion in under 1 hour. The portable detector and single-use cartridge system transmits data and analytics to decision makers and can be customized for a range of different contaminants.
  • Sutro (USA): Broad spectrum colorimetric sensor technology and analytics platform to measure real-time water quality and chemistry. Its proprietary sensor is self-calibrating and does not require a human-testing interface. Broad application to a range of contaminants from nitrates to arsenic.
  • Arable Labs (USA): Proprietary in-field monitors and predictive analytics tools measure real-time microclimate weather data and plant growth drivers to generate actionable insights on yield, harvest timing, and crop quality. Initial focus on US specialty crops including strawberries, grapes and tomatoes.
  • Lotic Labs (USA): Hydrological risk assessment software and analytics platform eliminates costly and time-intensive data analysis and reporting for water-dependent industries. Lotic Labs enable users to manage multidisciplinary datasets for simulations and modeling, assess the performance of a business’ industrial assets, and integrate insights into existing workflows.

Discover How To Time Your Meals For Faster Muscle Growth

I am certain that you have heard that nutrition is responsible for 80% of your outcomes. This is a hard number to quantify yet without a doubt legitimate nutrition is essential for maximal muscle growth and advancement in the speediest time. For those that are hoping to add as much bulk in the snappiest conceivable time it is essential that you time your supplement intake.

Image result for Discover How To Time Your Meals For Faster Muscle Growth

Exercises Destroy Not Build

The time you spend in the exercise center working out and lifting weights is damaging to your body breaking down your muscles. When you feel sore after a tough exercise, that is muscle damage. You require supplements to develop, repair and manufacture muscle. Similarly as important as the growth is the ability supplement timing to help you consume unwanted fat. There are a couple times during your time that supplement intake is critical.

Time To Grow

Early Morning

It is critical that you eat before anything else because you have quite recently starved yourself for 6 – 8 hours. Your body needs nutrition after repairing muscles and different tissues all night. It is best to start your day with a protein drink because it will absorb faster. Your muscles will need supplements and you won’t want to delay your muscle growth one second longer. So something easy to process works great. It is also a smart thought to blend some complex carbs in there. This is necessary as a fuel hotspot for your day.

Pre Workout

Before you head to the rec center make certain to get in a pre exercise meal or snack. Keep in mind exercise and weight training break down muscle tissue and you will want to have supplements immediately available to start the growth and repair prepare. Carbs will furnish you with vitality for the exercise. Amino acid supplements or from your protein help your muscles in the growth procedure.

Post Workout

This may be the most critical encouraging of them all. A hard exercise will drain your muscles of their glycogen stores and your muscles are prepared to absorb supplements at this time. Taking advantage of this period is one of the major keys to brisk muscle gains. Inside 15 minutes after your exercise make beyond any doubt you have a high-glycemic, high protein drink. Make sure to consume 75 – 200 g of sugars along with 25 to 35 g of protein and a serving of monounsaturated fats. At that point inside three hours make beyond any doubt you have an all around balanced and healthy meal or a two week cycle for women.

Before Bed

Before you turn in and enter another time of fasting make certain you get some nutrition into your body. This is important because your body both develops and repairs while you rest and exhausts supplements as it does as such. When you rest your metabolism slows down so it is important to take a gander at what you eat before bed. A slow processing protein like casein along with a couple of complex carbs is the ideal sleep time snack. Make certain to follow these nutrition rules because together with a very much programmed quality training exercise you will have the capacity to gain quality rapidly for the fast muscle growth, and without the stomach fat.

Why to be a business analyst

Do you love to take challenges in your job? If you are then the best exposure is in the form of business analyst. This is the job that can give you some of the challenges, that will turn your interest completely. Just go through the different aspects that you will face in your career, as you go through the course and its patterns. A Business Analyst Certification will be essential to undergo all these. However, that you might decide later, as you go through the challenges of business analyst job.

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Job of a business analyst is to analyze the business, from its past records, present data and from there prediction of the future has to be generated. So, the task is not at all easy by any means. More and more people in any firm will be eyeing for your extracted results. Impacts are all due to your perfection of analysis and views generated from it. So, your task will be to generate as much as analysis as possible with new overviews and ideologies.

Team work

Business are of different kinds and styles. Each business has its own set of expert developers, planners and projections. Being a business analyst, you will have to work in different business projects – hence new team with different set of projections will readily be with you. Your challenge will be to nurture with those set of teams and find the perfect analytic angles, that will serve the company.

Different needs

Asks from a business analyst is not same all the time. Asking trend of past five years and ten years is almost similar. There will be nothing special from your side, except collection of data. However, difference lies in the interpretation of the same. Where one business will ask from you the projection of certain type of product in market, other business will ask you to let them know the change in trend of clients for the different products. So, your job will be to match the needs of the clients – that is surely challenging for anyone.

New and Updated challenges

The entire market now is full of competition. New entrepreneurs are ready to challenge the existing big players. They are looking for the critical gaps where they can set their feet and expand their own market. Hence, new challenges are always at your door. Being a professional business analyst, your task will be to show them some areas, which they are not even expecting. This will increase your demand in market and to companies. Putting all the things together, you can well understand that a part if your job will be to keep yourself updated about the new trends, practices, thoughts and understanding about business.

So, business analyst is the job for those who love to accept new challenges every alternate day. If you are ready for such challenges, go through the Business Analyst Certification In London and make yourself ready for everything. Ample opportunity is there for every business analyst – go and grab those, but before everything certify yourself.

The advantages of recording data in tabular form

Data concept is not new to the world. People find a recording date in tabular form quite easier and convenient. It allows hassle free access to all the recordings that are either made in the past or present for easy access either for the future or to carry out daily need of data interpretation. To club the information into a table form not only compresses the entire information, but also makes it easier to get through later on.

When you choose datavisualization with tableau training your most hectic work of comparison becomes easier with multiple databases. When you get all the relevant information categorized in table form it becomes easier for you to compare between various or two overheads. This makes you get a better visual understanding of the interpretation.Understanding statistics in the article is a bit tricky and stressful work. This hard task is made easier by the table. It brings out clear info on each and every topic.

Image result for The advantages of recording data in tabular form

Data procured in table form help in creating  razor cut view of the topic and helps you peep into the vision which otherwise would be a daunting task. It enhances your reasoning power as you are able to figure out all the useful information in the same category. Undoubtedly, data presented in tabular form look more attractive and appealing to the eyes.  The creativity is best showcased in it by adding all useful details in a single table.

Mumbai is the financial capital of the nation and hence lays promising future for aspirants, when you take up data training, visualization with table in Mumbai will help in numerous functioning. Data stored in tabular form assists in various purposes. You can use the data for future reference as well. It becomes easier to remember and recall the info in the table form rather than in edit form.Going tabular way assists in making groups of same information a cake walk. With the help of groups you get a better idea of each and every classification you made to get your work done in a convenient way.

When the data are presentable is an attractive and organized way it fosters editing without laying creases on your forehead. The hectic task of understanding and interpretations made comfortable with tabular data representations. It also provides you with an opportunity of switching two identical data for your thorough study. You can easily figure out the possible reasons of growth or failure. Depending on your facts, you can easily interpret that helps in future speculation. No wonder, a case study supported with facts and data very mush assists in making speculation for the future precise and accurate. As assumptions are based on facts and periodic study, it is more likely to get the true figure in future as well.Data visualization with tableau training gives more precise calculations. It fosters to the point calculation and very proximate percentage.

3 Tips For Making Your Move Easier

Moving to a new location can be a very stressful and difficult experience. You have to give up all of your old expectations, habits, and traditions. You also give up all of your local support and friends, which can make moving depressing and even lonely. Plus, there are many challenges and inconveniences that come with moving. Whether you’re moving for work, school, or just to see more of the world, it is not easy. Luckily, there are things that you can do to make your moving experience less stressful and inconvenient. Here are a few tips to make your move easier and more enjoyable.

Image result for 3 Tips For Making Your Move Easier

Plan in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your move planned. Make a checklist or two for yourself and follow them while you are moving. Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to moving your home. Often, people get so caught up in the big picture that they forget the details, only to regret it later, after the move. For example, make sure that you plan in advance for New York mail forwarding from a company like Fulfillment Services USA. Relying on experts like this can take a lot of the pressure of moving off of yourself.

Pack Less Stuff

When you move, you have a valuable opportunity to clear out a lot of the clutter in your life. In a way, moving can be seen as a chance to get rid of stuff you don’t really need and to streamline your life going forward. Before you start packing, ask yourself if the items you are bringing are both really useful and really enjoyable. Don’t both bringing anything that doesn’t work for you. When you unpack at your new home, you will be glad you didn’t bring a lot of junk.

Get Help With the Details

Make sure you hire professionals for things that really matter, and don’t try to do everything yourself. Get professional movers to help you transport large items. Don’t depend on your friend to help you, either. Even your most loyal friends don’t want to help you move giant pieces of furniture or multiple boxes. Instead, shop around and find a decently priced company that can do the heavy lifting for you. When you get to your new home and don’t have any back problems, you’ll be glad that you did.