Superman Foe Says New York City Real Estate Is ‘Idiotic’


Michael Shannon as General Zod, courtesy

We’ve heard a lot of words used to describe the price of New York City real estate, from “expensive” to “astronomical.” Here’s one we haven’t heard: “Idiotic.”

That’s what the actor Michael Shannon, who played villain General Zod in the 2013 movie “Man of Steel,” told the New York Post.

“How much it costs to buy places in New York is really stupid,” Shannon said at the premiere of “99 Homes,” a film about a father going to great lengths to get his home back after foreclosure. “I think it’s idiotic.”

We wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s stupid to buy a home in Manhattan, but it’s definitely not easy for the little, or even medium, guy. The average rent is $5,129, and if you want a two-bedroom, try an average of $6,953. Also, 3,301 out of 4,931 homes for sale are over $1 million.

“My sister just bought a place in New Orleans for $245,000. A three-bedroom house,” Shannon told the Post. Indeed, that is a better bet. The average listing price there is $184,500, and the average sold price is $187,750. There, a two-bedroom will cost you on average $1,986.

For $245,000 in New York City, Shannon said, “That would probably get you a 5-gallon drum, if you’re lucky.’”