Assam girl selected for Commonwealth Scholarship in UK

Assam girl selected for Commonwealth Scholarship in UK

Youths from the northeast region are not far behind their counterparts from the rest of the country. A young student from Assam has recently been selected for the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship in United Kingdom.

Sneha Khaund, a 22-year-old from Jorhat district, is an english graduate from St Stephen’s College in Delhi. She was recently selected for the award in United Kingdom for the year 2015-2016.

She is one among 22 Indian students selected for the scholarship this year and will now be pursuing her masters degree in Comparative Literature at London University. Expressing delight over her selection, Sneha said that she looks forward to study the subject she loves.

“I am very happy that I have been chosen for this scholarship and I feel honoured. I look upon it as an opportunity for me to study something that I love. There will be world class facilities available there so I feel very grateful and I think it is a great opportunity,” she said.

Sneha was one of the few students whose application was selected by the human resource development (HRD) ministry and forwarded to the commission. Sneha further said that she wants to remain in touch with social issues while pursuing an academic career.

“I hope to have an academic career and get a PhD I don’t want an academic career that is completely divorced from social issues that we face. Even while pursuing an academic career, I want to be involved in other aspects. I hope to write,” she said.

Sneha’s father, Devajeet Khaund, said that lack of awareness among people about scholarship opportunities available has left many eligible students deprived. “If my daughter can make it, then there are so many promising students who are eligible to get this type of scholarship. Because of lack of awareness, many of them are deprived,” he said.

Youth in the northeast region have been able to prove their mettle in various fields and many like Sneha are now aiming high to make their mark in different fields.