The 18 Essentials Every California Girl Owns

There’s something effortlessly cool about California style. It could be the constant sunshine or maybe the bohemian history that makes girls from the Golden State seem so chic and carefree; but whatever it is, we want to bring some of that breeziness to our wardrobes too. So, we did a little digging to break down exactly what it is about these beach babes that makes us crave their style.

Turns out, it’s the fact that they are surprisingly polished, though it never feels like they try too hard to create a great outfit. They can do sexy without ever showing too much skin, and while they prefer jeans and a casual tee, they can make even the most low-key look feel totally put-together.

So we’re embracing our inner Best (um, West) Coaster with the style essentials it seems that no California girl can live without. Floaty dresses, functionally fashionable layering pieces, and simply chic accessories come together to prove that when it comes to effortless outfits, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Read on for 18 wardrobe must haves that are guaranteed to help you up your outfit game, California style.