Are You Making These Top JEE Mistakes?

The Joint Entrance Examination or (JEE) is an entrance test for students aspiring to get into IIITs and NITs. The Entrance Exam is claimed to be one the most challenging exams to get into engineering. The syllabus is vast and you have only 2 years to prepare for it. Over 1,00,000 students appear for the exam, but, very few are able to score well as the level of toughness is way too high. These can be overcome by avoiding common mistakes that most aspirants commit. The most often followed are:


  1. Buying Piles Of Books With The Same Content

Most students buy heaps of books that are recommended by many parties. Preparing for JEE 2016 may be a Herculean task, but referring to those big, fat books that most often contain the same content that would be in your NCERT text books in a better, lucid language. It’s highly important to first properly cover up the syllabus from the Text Books first, understand the concepts well and then go on to other referred books. Make sure that you stick to only one book of that subject and go through it bit by bit. This alone, will help you score substantial marks and better more understand the problems clearly.

  1. Indulging in Coaching Classes That Take Up Most Of Your Time

As many students have been made to fear JEE, coaching classes that are truly commercial put up boards and banners that promise you to help increase your score. Many of these institutions are money-making rackets and the student’s future is entirely compromised by their lack of efforts. Not all classes are such but intervene well before joining the class and check if it will be suitable for your study patterns as self-study is most important in JEE preparation.

  1. Studying Everything At Once

Prepare the particular topic well from your text bit to bit before going forward to study JEE based questions. These questions can be fully understood only when you are well versed with the concept entirely, an important factor many students don’t anticipate. Go step by step and you’ll be able to cover more syllabus rather than trying new things without any conceptual understanding and hence cross the cut-off.

  1. Getting Distracting Easily

JEE is tough and can be tackled only when you give your hundred percent. It is easy for teenagers to get distracted during this time, but, limit it when it comes to preparing for the entrance examination which is usually why students end up not scoring well. Take periodic breaks and make the most out of your studying routines. 2 years feel like a short period of time but if used well can result into great success. Keep your phones aside and mentally indulge in what you’re doing.

  1. Neglect The Need For Help

Most often when students get stuck on a problem, they refrain to ask someone for help on the matter. This is the biggest mistake committed by the students. Utilize sources like your peers, teachers or the internet to the maximum.

  1. Smart Work Is Not Thought Through

Many students don’t know that along with hard work and smart work is also must. Getting through the syllabus smartly will not only help in understanding more of it but also help in more gain of marks which in turn will increase your rank.

Attempt theory questions in the first 15min of your exam, attempt answers you’re entirely sure of as there is negative marking and don’t get nervous. You’ll bear the fruit of how you’ve prepared.