The Role of Health Supplements

Today, a large part of the population includes a variety of unhealthy food in their diet. With the dependence on fried foods and trans fats, we’re not getting what we need to in terms of minerals and nutrients. A dependence on processed food items is unhealthy as processed food contains fewer nutrients than raw unprocessed food. To fill up the gap of missing nutrients, vitamins and minerals in you daily intake, you could resort to a healthy supplementation routine.

A normal diet does not cut it

Besides making the choice of unhealthy, processed foods, even natural food are in danger of doing more harm than good. Two important reasons why are –

  • Due to use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers over long durations, the soil is depleted of its nutrients and thus, the crops grown in it have insufficient mineral content. Those who make it a point to only eat organic food are making the healthier choice. But this option is not open to everyone given the high costs of these goods.
  • Long transit times: most of the vegetables that are available are often harvested weeks before they reach us. And important minerals are often depleted due to these long transit durations.

Health Benefits

The main reason for using health supplements is to avoid deficiencies and thus, maintain a healthy and strong immune system.  Lacking in these essential nutrients will result in malnutrition, which is a common cause for various other diseases. Often the diet plan we follow has been leading us into this condition step by step over many years. Good and regular supplementation helps rid the body of toxins that enter our body and thus ensure that we function at our best. Vitamins and antioxidants are essential and should be taken daily to maintain a healthy immune system.


Before starting up on a supplementation program consult a good doctor and get to know what your deficiencies are. For example, if you are highly deficient in a particular vitamin, you will have to consume it for a longer duration and a higher dose so as to get its levels to optimum. Analyse your body’s need and condition before you start.

Choosing the right supplements

Not all supplements do what they say, buying a supplement, without considering whether it will work for you is a waste of time and money. In some cases, it can also affect your body in an adverse way. While choosing supplements it is advisable to stick to natural, whole food based organic sources. Most supplements available now are synthetically produced and fillers and chemicals.

Natural supplements are rich in phytonutrients and co-factor ions that promote and strengthen the immune system.

With the added convenience of internet there are various online pharmacies in India that provide health supplements to your doorstep.