Upgradeable HackBook Elite Mac OS X Laptop

HackBook Elite Mac OS X Laptop

If you are looking for an affordable laptop that is capable of running Apple’s Mac OS X operating system, yet has hardware that is easily upgradable. You may be interested in a new piece of hardware called the HacBook.

The HacBook Elite laptop is equipped with the same hardware specs as an Apple 2013 MacBook Pro, but only costs one third of the price. Also unlike Macs, it’s entirely customisable and includes upgradable hardware.

The HacBook Elite is now available to pre-order with limited quantities priced at just $329. Each system can be customised to suit your exact requirements upon request. Specifications include the ability to install up to 8GB of RAM, 1TB of SSD storage and each system comes equipped with a 14 inch HD display offering a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. Its creators explain a little more about its design.

HacBook Elite ships with everything needed to start running the latest version of OS X. Once installed, OS X cold boots in 15 seconds and boots from sleep in 1 second. HacBook Elite sports a gorgeous full-aluminum body that looks and feels extremely polished. Originally built for business class use, it’s also one of the most durable laptops in the market.

– Perfect for developing iOS, Mac apps
– Dual-boot with Windows
– Comes with iTunes, iMessage, App Store, etc.