More on Anavar Tablets

Anavar tablets are the common steroids that are used by the professional body builders and for improving the muscle strength. This is one of the steroids that are less toxic and are also less androgenic.

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Points to be taken care while consuming Anavar

It should be taken care that people who consume the tablet for around three weeks should not suddenly stop taking the tablet. This is because person who takes this tablet will be having tissue dependence. Taking post cycle therapy helps the body return back to the normal condition.


The normal dose for the athletes is around 50 mg a day for around 6 to 8 weeks. The maximum limit of the tablet can go till 150 mg which is not so safe for the user and cause health risks. It should be taken care that the pills that we consume should not exceed from a dosage of 100 mg a day. Even though this steroid is found to be very mild when compared with that of other steroids this will be having side effects .Also taking the supplement from a lower dosage is a better option.

This tablet can be used by the athletes and the bodybuilders during their cutting phase. This is because it helps in retaining the muscles during this time .If we need to use this supplement during the bulking phase these are suitable for those people who first starts for experimenting or need to start from a minimum dose. This tablets can be used by the female bodybuilders and the athletes during their cutting phase because this can help in reducing the body weight .The damage for the liver is very less when compared with that of the other steroids. Another main benefit for this drug is that it does not lead to the estrogen release which causes water retention and gynecomastia in men. Go through the Anavar tablets user guide.

An important point that should be noted while consuming this supplement is to start from the lowest dose. Second important point is that we can include the testosterones along with this as mixing with the testosterones can give better results.

Anavar cycle that is usually taken by the beginners can start from 30mg to 50 mg which is found to be very effective for around 8 weeks. When combined with the testosterones this can be taken from 300mg to 500 mg for around 8 weeks and this combination is considered to be very safe for men.

Side Effects

There are some mild side effects that are noted for this steroids .This may include vomiting, nausea, acne, chance of losing the hair etc. Also mood variations along with changes in the sexual desire can also be noted in some cases after consuming this supplement. When consuming this supplement in excess amount it is seen that some women can have change in the voice, growth of hair in the face and the body etc. It is always better that we avoid this supplement for pregnant and nursing women.