Phentermine is not Safe Only If Used Improperly

Phentermine is first diet drug which is introduced in international pharmaceutical market. Number of speculation about this drug also revolves in market some speculations can be contradictory. Every drug recommended to healthy being not any patient but if any patient will use it without prescription then it’s not fault of drug. This is basically works on the Hypothalamus Gland which stimulate neurotransmitter and neurons only if used improperly. It will help to suppress your appetite.  Through this drug you will not having craving of carbohydrate rich food which enhances fat of body.

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Advantage of Phentermine

If we talk about its advantage it’s provide you gradual way to weight loss and also control your eating habits. But one thing should be notice if therapy of this drug is completed then you should follow proper diet and it will help to keep your body in perfect shape.

Its natural way to reduce weight so you need to go for any surgery or medical procedure like liposuction or gastric bypass surgery. Just follow the tablet or capsule of phentermine which will help to reduction of weight. Various clinical studies over drug make it more trustable among users.

Contradictions about Phentermine

First thing you should know about this drug that it’s not suitable for everyone. Particularly not for them who are suffered from any heart disease. So always disclose all your medical history in front of your doctor before doctor prescribes you this drug. If you have any heart problem history then doctor never be recommended you phentermine. If doctor think it not an option for you then he maybe recommend you Phen Caps which is not contains Phentermine it also not create any heart problem like side effect.

What can be happen when using phentermine improperly?

If you will use phentermine improperly then it can create problem like dizziness and insomnia which directly connected to your CNS. Let’s see its side-effect:

It contains side effect like Dry Mouth, Insomnia, Constipation, and Mood Swings also. These are most common side effect of this drug but if you have some chronic effect like swelling across body, fainting then you should immediately reported to your doctor.

Heart related issue can be shortening of breath, heartbeat become irregular, fainting and sometime arm paining, blood pressure fluctuations etc.

You can say is safe medicine but it should be prescribe to individual who have overall health is good. This drug help the user to quick get rid from excess fat. This is available in tablet or capsule from. If using tablet it will provide you therapeutic effect. You can also consume this tablet without water. Both form dissolve in the gastric juice of stomach. Phentermine tablet or capsule effect to your body for longer period of time.

Due to the safety profile of this drug this gained popularity in UK, Canada, and Mexico. Main disadvantage of this drug is that it’s contradicted for the children who are under 12 and also not advisable for pregnant woman.