Google Search Testing ‘Learn to Pronounce’ Feature, With Different Speeds and Accents

Google is reportedly testing a new Search feature that will help its users learn the correct pronunciation of a word in an easier way. A new “Learn to pronounce” tab seems to be rolling out for some users in Google search results on mobile. With this new feature, users can listen to American and British pronunciations of certain words, alongside managing the speed of the pronunciation for those having difficulties with the accent. Apart from the two options, there currently seems to be no other accent for which you can check the pronunciation on Google Search.

Google Search Testing 'Learn to Pronounce' Feature, With Different Speeds and Accents

Gadgets 360 has not been able to independently verify the availability of this feature, and Android Police reports that it has not rolled out for everyone. Only some of the users they know have managed to access it. To check for it, Android Police searched for “define Onomatopoeia”, however we believe that you can search for most words to reveal the same results.

The dictionary card shows up as the first result which displays the definition alongside a new “Learn to pronounce” tab. This tab – when tapped on – opens up a search for “how to pronounce [the word]”. It then gives you options to choose from the British or American pronunciation of the given word, which can be played out using the small speaker icon placed next to it. There is also a toggle to slow down the recording in case it is not understandable in its regular form.

A “Wrong Pronunciation?” button is also seen in the results which, we believe, could let you report the same to Google. The Mountain View, California giant hasn’t yet confirmed the release or testing of this feature. It might be released widely in the coming weeks now that some users have started spotting it. Have you seen it in your search results? Let us know in the comments below.