IVR System -Now Used to Improve Pharmacy Services

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a telephone system used by most businesses and companies. IVR is often used by those that are working in the customer service industry and sales. With the popularity of IVRs and the desire of companies to improve customer experience, IVR is now also used by most pharmacies.

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Most companies like a pharmacy now allow their customers to phone in to give their orders, so they can just pick it up once they arrived at the pharmacy. However, people who answer these calls only stay during office hours. After office hours, customers who need to refill their prescription doesn’t have to wait because pharmacies are now using IVR systems to accept their orders.

With an IVR, a customer can just call anytime, provide necessary information, give the list of the orders needed and wait for a confirmation that his or her order has been accepted.

Why companies are now using IVR?

Different companies are now employing IVR system because they knew how busy their customers are. They don’t want to keep their customers waiting for someone to get their information or schedule an appointment, an IVR can do it for them. There are companies that also use IVR to schedule a callback for their customers.

How does an IVR work?

In general, an IVR work by doing the following:

• Answer and greet customer call – prerecorded greetings can be arranged for this
• Gather information – information such as name, contact number, email address, and complete address
• Provide options (place an order or request for a callback)
• Confirm request
• Send information or request to the system for the company to review and process

Some IVR also comes with the following feature:

• Do rerouting of calls
• Forward a call
• Selective information look-up like the status of an order or technician location (for repair services)

One of the businesses that can benefit most from the use of an IVR are pharmacies. With people enjoying the convenience of ordering over the phone to avoid queuing in line, pharmacies must start taking advantage of this technology. If you are managing a pharmacy and you are interested in using an IVR system, you should start researching about pharmacy IVR systems today.