Reduce Equipment Downtime

As everyone with experience in manufacturing knows, downtime is the bane of your existence. Today’s manufacturing industry is dependent on around the clock efficiency and proper planning. When the machinery is not happily whirring away, cash is simply flying out the window.

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The strain on manufacturing equipment can quickly take its toll on the life of your machines if they are not properly greased or lubricated. With such a wide variety of metals and synthetic compounds being used to build and operate modern machines, pairing the correct lubricant to each component can become quite complicated. Partnering with a nearby firm whose specialty is lubricants can remove any guesswork. Searching for a lubricant supplier in VA, for example, would allow a Virginia-based business extra peace of mind. This also ensures you have a close source of the kinds you need to keep your machines running at maximum capacity, with as few breaks as possible.

Chemical Descales

A buildup in machinery is another surefire way towards a clog or total breakdown, often with lengthy or costly repairs. Properly descaling your equipment will help give it a greater lifespan as well as smoother operation for longer shifts. Different chemical and organic components need different products to remove, again usually requiring advanced knowledge or a specialty firm. This is especially important in food manufacturing since buildup can cause contamination issues that will spread through all remaining stages of production.

Track Your Downtime

Mechanical suggestions aside, an important way to combat downtime in manufacturing is to thoroughly understand its sources and overall impact. Keeping detailed logs of when and why you experienced downtime can reveal trends in tasks, employees, and environmental factors that may have contributed. Creating incentives for reducing downtime on a monthly basis can promote better care of equipment, while also making downtime a topic of conversation with the whole staff while remaining non confrontational.