5 Reasons to Recycle Electronics

Do you have a surplus of electronic scrap Toronto? Here are five reasons why you should recycle instead of tossing your electronics in the trash.

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Recycling Reduces Identity Theft

When most people think of identity theft, they think of hackers phishing for bank accounts online. What they don’t realize is that improperly disposing of your electronics can put you at risk of identity theft.

Devices store your information on their hard drives every time you use a password or enter your credit card information online. The average computer user might not know how to access this data, but hackers do.

An e-waste recycling company can recycle your electronics and make sure your information is safe.

Electronics Are Terrible for the Environment

Electronics can contain nickel, lead, mercury, copper and trace amounts of arsenic. These chemicals don’t pose a threat when they’re enclosed in your computer, but they can wreak havoc on the environment when electronic devices begin to degrade.

Electronic Components Can Be Reused

When you recycle your electronic devices, their components can be repurposed. E-waste recycling requires less time and energy than producing brand-new components.

Help Create Green Jobs

E-waste recycling centers provide green jobs. Green jobs benefit both the economy and the environment.

Throwing Away Electronic Waste is Illegal in Many Regions

Improperly disposing of e-waste is illegal in 25 U.S. states and in more than half of Canada’s provinces. Taking your old electronic devices to an e-waste recycling center is considerably less expensive than paying a fine.

E-waste recycling centers will recycle laptop and desktop computers, networking equipment, printers, monitors, cell phones, tablets, batteries, circuit boards, cables and other electronic components. Look for an E-waste recycling company that uses secure drop-off bins to protect your data and the environment.