4 Ways to Simplify Your Life

There is no getting around it: life is busy. Between getting the kids to practice on time, doing your best at work and trying to make time for hobbies and leisure, there are not enough numbers on the clock. Find easy ways to simplify your life and make everyday tasks a little easier.

1. Pet Care

It seems like yesterday that you last took your pets for their yearly checkup, but that reminder postcard arrived in the mail today. Taking good care of your pets is a priority, so make it as easy on yourself as you can between vet visits.

  • Rather than spend extra money on having the vet check your pets for worms, treat them at home. Buy your cat worming products from Vet Products Direct, and look for other products for animals like dogs, horses and birds.
  • Don’t waste money on pricey flea baths, make your own DIY flea-killing shampoo. It’s much easier on the wallet and is nontoxic to animals and the environment.
  • Baking soda is a dream come true for pet parents. It’s a natural cleaner and deodorizer, perfect if someone has a potty accident.

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2. Life with Kids

Susie has soccer practice at four o’clock, George needs to get to his piano lesson by five, and baby Baxter has thrown toys all over the living room floor. Not to mention the morning rush as everyone tries to get ready for school and out the door on time; life gets hectic with kids!

  • Buy a whiteboard calendar to keep track of appointments and extracurricular activities. Keep it in a central location so that everyone can see it and let it serve as a visual reminder for the whole family.
  • If you have several kids and one bathroom, have a staggering wake-up routine so that everyone can use it and get ready on time. For example, Susie wakes up first, fifteen minutes later George wakes up, and Baxter sleeps as late as he can.
  • Keep a bin or basket in common areas of the house for kids to put away their toys and belongings. Make it each child’s responsibility to clean up after themselves.
3. All Work

Success at work starts with a successful you. Be kind to yourself in preparation for the workday, and keep yourself organized and clutter-free at work.

  • Even if it’s for only five minutes of the day, take time every morning to meditate. Meditation is known to reduce stress and center the mind, so put yourself in a calm state before heading out the door in the morning.
  • Prepare the night before: plan your outfit, get your work documents ready and pack your lunch.
  • Make your work area a little more zen. Unsubscribe from annoying emails, back up your data to the cloud and find a calming wallpaper to use as your desktop background.
4. Family Time

Find activities with your family that don’t involve a screen. Time with family is never wasted, so make the most of it by doing activities together in your community.

  • Check apps like Groupon and find out what is happening in your area. Often there will be discounts for family-friendly events like plays and festivals.
  • Visit children’s museums. Geared for little ones, children’s museums feature hands-on activities and scientific demonstrations.
  • The library is the original source of entertainment. Boasting books for everyone, libraries also do storytime for younger children.

The stress of life is real, so do what you can to make happiness for yourself and your family. Learning to simplify is a dance of baby steps, but once you find the rhythm you will be happier for it.