Tips for Putting on Your First Festival

When putting on a festival for the first time, it may feel overwhelming to even create a checklist of everything you need to do. Whether you are putting on a local craft show, a one-day conference, or a multi-day music festival, there are some things that are consistent for you to think about. Read on for a few key ideas to help make sure your event is something you can be proud of.

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The most important thing before advertising your festival is to ensure you have all the permissions you need. Work closely with the local governments to ensure that you have all the necessary permits for gatherings, noise, alcohol, and any other regulations. Work with a mentor if possible to ensure you are not forgetting anything important, and keep detailed notes of your conversations and permits.


In addition to food, beverage, and merchandise vendors, there are other units you may need to work with. You will also need to ensure your festival has adequate electricity for lighting and sound, portable toilets and ADA restrooms, ticket sales and security, tents, tables, and chairs, adequate water supply, and garbage disposal system.

Clean Up

After the festival, the teardown process requires planning and preparation. Adequate garbage and recycling receptacles will make the job much easier, so real-time collection during the event and sufficient volunteers for walk-throughs afterward are vital. You will also need to contract with a company to haul everything away unless your event venue has something already established.

Your first festival is a work of passion, but dreams alone can not make it a success. With the help of planning, permissions, experts, and outside vendors, you can build an event to remember for all the right reasons. You want your festival to be remembered for the things that went right!