Pressure Cookers on the Rise

Kitchen gadgets of our foremothers have gotten a facelift in recent years. Pressure cookers were always Grandma’s favorite way to cook rice, but appliances like all-in-one pressure cookers have surged in popularity as more models are released. You use software and machine learning tools at work to simplify your life, why should you not use helpful tools at home to simplify tasks like cooking dinner?

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Which Model for You

Ever since Correlle released its wildly popular Instant Pot, many more models have popped up all over the market. Each has its pros and cons, and the features also vary by machine. Remember, though, that the highest price tag might not mean the best product.

  • Instant Pot offers an almost overwhelming list of options on the programmable pad, from “yogurt” to “sterilize.” It is the original and often the most expensive model on the market. Read about all the options Instant Pot has and weigh which of them you will actually use.
  • Power Cooker is a cheaper model, but it is a tough little machine that can withstand daily use. The options are much more generic and the unit itself is quite user-friendly, but some of its parts will likely need to be replaced after two years.
  • Ninja has tried its hand at a double-lidded all-in-one device in its Foodi. The pressure lid offers slow cooking options, while the crisper lid acts as an air fryer and mini oven. It is the most expensive unit of the three, but it has plenty of options and is easy to use once you pass the learning curve.

It’s nice to have a variety of kitchen tools, but be sure when you bring something new into your home that it’s practical for you. Research whether you think an all-in-one cooker would be beneficial or if it would gather dust on the counter.