Self-Esteem: Try These 6 Tips To Give A Boost To Your Self-Esteem And Confidence

Self-Esteem: Try These 6 Tips To Give A Boost To Your Self-Esteem And Confidence

Someone with low self-esteem would think negatively about themselves


  1. Self analysing can give a boost to your self-esteem
  2. You need to communicate well
  3. Think positive and have an optimistic approach in life

Self-esteem is explained as a set of comprehensive values and opinions about oneself. Typically, the way you think about yourself or self-view. In your day to day lives, people go through different kinds of experiences which lead them to create high or low opinions about themselves; it can both be a cause or an outcome towards the types of self-esteem. For example, a person can have low self -esteem because of their bad performance at school or work or vice-versa.

Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia)

This is a mental health condition. It’s a fear that other people are watching you and judging you. This fear is intense and constant. It can make it hard for you to interact with others.

There are two types of self-esteem

1. High self-esteem

People with high self-esteem are highly opinionated about themselves. They are accepting and confident in the work they present and the way they interact with others. For example; a person who thrives to move forward and believes that he/she would do better would be a person with high self-esteem. Usually, this is mistaken with high self-confidence, but there is a difference, as self- confidence talks about beliefs and faiths, whereas self-esteem talks about views and outlooks on you.

2. Low self-esteem

Someone with low self-esteem would think negatively about themselves. They might feel they cannot be compared to others, as they judge themselves to be lesser. They generally suffer in dominant relationships which can also result in anxiety or depression.

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Following are some effective ways to give a boost to your self-esteem

1. Think realistically

One should start thinking realistically and set smaller goals for them to achieve every day. Taking one smaller step at a time would enhance to learn more about self- capabilities and the accurate time to accomplish those goals.


Thinking realistically can help you have a better self-esteem
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2. Self-Analyse

As soon as one starts to self-analyse their work or life, they tend to be more interested and put in more efforts to enhance it, due to this they perform better in many ways and build high opinions of them.

3. Stop comparing yourself

Everyone is different and leads a different lifestyle than others. Some people may be outgoing while some might be highly conserved to themselves. One can be similar to another but can’t be the same. When people stop comparing themselves to others they start realizing self-worth and begin appreciating uniqueness.