Businesses Focus on Improving Energy Efficiency

No matter what industry you’re in, there are ways you can make your business more energy efficient. According to Forbes, every year the average business wastes 30% of the energy it generates. This type of waste costs money, increases your company’s carbon footprint and can negatively affect your reputation with eco-friendly clients. Here are some suggestions for ways you can improve your energy efficiency.

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Business Offices

Nearly every business out there uses electronics in its day to day operation. This is an easy place to make changes quickly. Utilize your computer’s sleep mode and, if you remember, unplug your electronics when not in use. If you are certain you’ll forget to unplug things, try a power strip. It can help reduce wasted energy. If your organization can use laptops just as easily as desktops, make the switch. Not only are laptops more convenient, but they use far less energy than their desktop counterparts.

Power Plants and Chemical Industries

Even big power and chemical plants can take steps to improve efficiency. For example, a plant that utilizes a tray type deaerator with its boilers can treat water more effectively with lower costs and greater thermal efficiency. Unwanted gases are removed from the water and the water is converted to steam with less demand for fuel. This piece of equipment is also lined with stainless steel to greatly reduce required maintenance.


Airports are made up of large open spaces and terminal buildings that oftentimes don’t have shade. These locations are ideal for the placement of major solar power systems. Airports worldwide are catching on to the idea. Solar power is being generated by extensive solar panels placed along the tarmac, on terminal roofs and on parking garages.

From the accounting office on the corner to a large power plant on the outskirts of town, more and more companies and organizations are becoming energy conscious. Even small steps can make a big difference when multiplied over and over on the global landscape. None of us have an excuse to not make an effort to conserve.