Do Something New for Your Next Big Party

If you love to throw parties, you know that a lot of work and planning goes into making a party a success. There is something satisfying about entertaining a group of people and creating memories you will discuss well after the event is over. Don’t get stuck in old habits though. Make your next party your best yet with these next-level ideas.

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Get a Big Screen

Nothing makes a statement quite like a big screen at a party. The options are endless for what you can broadcast on your screen, and you may be surprised at the LED screen rental cost. Stream live footage of the party and see the excitement and joy of your guests as they see themselves and their friends living it up at your event. Plan a video playlist that includes popular music videos and clips. Or even compile a photo or video montage of your guests.

Make a Signature Drink

A signature drink or cocktail is an impressive way to keep your guests happy with a tasty beverage. Focusing on one drink can even cut drink expenses since you are eliminating the need to purchase a variety of beverages. You can plan your signature drink to match your theme—you do have a theme, don’t you—which can enhance your party even more.

Include a Surprise

Incorporating something unexpected into your party can keep people talking for months to come. A fun activity or game that no one is expecting is a great way to make a statement. Rent a photo booth or create one yourself. Remember that LED screen? You can set up to have your photo booth pictures broadcast directly on the screen. Or you can plan a fun activity like a water balloon fight or murder mystery game.

There are so many fun things you can do that can make your great party even better. Give yourself the title of the party pro. Try something new and give your guests a great experience.