Realme’s Fast Charging Technology May Be Called Dart, SuperDa

Realme’s Fast Charging Technology May Be Called Dart, SuperDart

Realme is said to be working to bring its own branded fast charging technology

  • Realme currently launches its phones with VOOC flash charge technology
  • Upcoming Realme X50 5G is expected to come with enhanced VOOC 4.0 tech
  • Realme has reportedly filed for trademark names Dart and SuperDart

Realme has reportedly trademarked Dart and SuperDart names for its fast charging technology. While Realme now recognises itself as an independent company, it still uses Oppo’s ColorOS 7 and VOOC fast charging technology. The company has already confirmed that it is working on its own software, and now it’s believed to be developing its own fast charging technology as well. This could be similar to what OnePlus does currently, wherein it uses Oppo’s VOOC Flash Charge technology, but calls it with different names like Warp Charge or Dash Charge.

Tipsters like Mukul Sharma and Sudhanshu Ambhore have shared the screemshots of trademark applications from Realme. The terms ‘Dart’ and ‘SuperDart’ have been filed for trademark hinting at the name for Realme’s future fast charge technology. There’s little detail about this fast charging technology, apart from what it’s going to be called. The company should reveal more when its ready to launch the technology. For now, Realme uses Oppo’s VOOC flash Charge technology on its phones, and the Realme X2 Pro currently comes with support for SuperVOOC flash charge tech with 50W fast charging that claims to fully charge the phone’s battery in 35 minutes.

Even the upcoming Realme X50 5G will come with support for enhanced VOOC 4.0 Flash Charge technology. Realme has teased that it would take 30 minutes to get the phone 70 percent charged. This means that you can safely expect that the phone would be 100 percent charged in less than an hour. We aren’t sure whether Realme looks to rebrand Oppo’s existing VOOC Flash Charge technology just like OnePlus licenses it, or introduce an entirely new proprietary charging technology altogether.